Ice cream ingredient enhances creaminess with less fat, says Tate & Lyle

By Helen Glaberson

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A new ice cream ingredient can reduce fat content by 20 per cent whilst enhancing the product’s creaminess and reducing costs, according to the manufacturer Tate & Lyle.

"Our research shows that indulgence is crucial for success in the ice cream market. This is especially true of the premium segment, where people are looking for a smooth, creamy, dense tasting experience,”​ said Clotilde Feuillade, product manager Texturants at Tate & Lyle.

Creamiz has previously been used in a range of yoghurt and dessert applications, however Tate & Lyle said it has now developed two prototypes: Create and Optimize to illustrate how the ingredient can be effectively used in ice cream.

“The biggest challenge when developing the ingredient was to create a multi-functional ingredient delivering either a fat mimetic in low fat recipes or a creaminess booster in full fat recipes,”​ Feuillade, told

How the ingredient behaves

During the melting phase, Creamiz behaves much more like a fat product than a standard viscosifying starch which would have more of a thickening effect, said Feuillade.

Creamiz however, would be closer to the fat coating effect of a fat product, she said.

The ingredient can be used on standard food manufacturing lines and does not require any change in the manufacturing process, according to Tate & Lyle.

Creamiz is also a non GMO modified starch so it is particularly well suited for countries requiring non GMO, said Feuillade.

Cost saving potential

In addition, the ingredient is cost efficient compared to other ingredients that have creaminess enhancing and fat boosting functionalities, said Feuillade.

Creamiz is a pure waxy maize starch which means its price is not as volatile as other botanical sources (Potato, Tapioca). This makes the costs easier to handle for manufacturers looking for predictability, she said.

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