Silver-ion silicone boosts dairy processing safety – developer

By Mark Astley

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neutraSil development will absorb and break bacteria and microbe cells.
neutraSil development will absorb and break bacteria and microbe cells.
A silver ion-laced silicone material that absorbs and destroys pathogens such as E.coli and Salmonella will ensure safety standards are met in the dairy sector, its developer has claimed.

UK-based Silicone Engineering told that its neutraSil silicone-based material meets the high food safety standards demanded by the international dairy industry

The technology, used to develop tubing and piping for processing facilities, works by releasing silver ions which destroy bacteria cell walls. This prevents the development of micro-organisms.

These silver ions then provide on-going protection by preventing further contamination and colonisation on the surface of the silicone.

The development reduces levels of E.coli, Salmonella by nearly 100% within six hours, the company added.

Satisfy international standards

“The dairy industry demands a very specific type of tubing. It must be highly flexible, resilient and reliable, and also have the hygiene properties to satisfy international food standards,” ​said Silicone Engineering marketing manager Kate Bancroft.

She added that the material has been independently proven to prevent the growth of Salmonella, E.coli – pathogens associated with dairy food safety.

“Using NeutraSil provides extra confidence to the dairy industry that none of the mentioned strains will pass into the production process where NeutraSil is used, in turn enhancing health and safety throughout.”

99.99% drop

According to the company, the material can reduce the presence of E.coli by 99.99% within six hours – compared to a growth of 218% using standard silicone.

In the same time, Salmonella levels dropped by 99.99% – compared with an increase of 820% using the industry standard, the company found.

“It is an important material in many different areas, including food processing, bakeries, breweries, vending machines, canned food, drink manufacturing and cooking equipment manufacturing,” ​added Bancroft.

The material, which meets Japanese Standards and complies with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, is completely safe when exposed to people in both public and industrial environments, the company added.

“Over the past few years, the dangers of the hazards posed by strains of lethal bacteria have been widely publicised,”​ said Silicone Engineering marketing and commercial director Tony Peel.

“We conducted extensive research to develop and produce neutraSil, leading to a breakthrough in technology.”

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@Jim Yes Silicone Engineering distribute throughout North America and have offices in California. See our website.

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Is there a distributor in the US for this product?

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Good. I need futher detailed information to use. Regards, Hari Ladhani

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