Probiotic, vitamin-enriched milk is ‘affordable health’ – manufacturer

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Probiotic, vitamin-enriched milk is ‘affordable health’ – manufacturer

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A Northern Ireland-based dairy processor has rolled out its new ‘Super Healthy Milk’ – Europe’s first and only probiotic and vitamin K2-enriched fresh milk.

According to Linwoods, which manufactures and markets Super Healthy Milk, the product tastes like ordinary fresh milk but is fortified with probiotic – to support the digestive and immune systems – as well as vitamins D, E and K2.

The Armagh-based processor has labelled the product “affordable health.”

It is currently available in Northern Ireland, but the firm intends to market it in the Republic of Ireland and across the rest of the UK. It is also eyeing the lucrative export market.

Linwoods sales and marketing manager Joanne Hayden told that the firm hopes that in time the product will be marketed alongside mainstream milk.

“Good concoction”

Linwoods is marketing the product as a healthier, natural, and more affordable alternative to sugary probiotic drinks and yogurts.

It is fortified with the BC30 strain of the Bacillus coagulans probiotic developed by Ganeden, which Linwoods has European exclusivity of. According to Hayden, the strain can withstand the human stomach to reach the small intestine

“This is in comparison to many other probiotics of which the majority of the benefit is destroyed before it reaches the small intestine,”​ she said.

A number of vitamins are also added to the product, including vitamin D – which Hayden claims is particularly essential in the UK and Ireland.

“The UK and Ireland have quite low levels of sunlight and as a result many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. It is important get vitamin D from other sources, as your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium.”

“Super Healthy Milk is also fortified with vitamin K2, which removes calcium from the arteries and moves it to the bones. A combination of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2 is a good concoction.”

“From one 250ml glass of the Super Healthy Milk, you get 100% of your recommended daily vitamin D, 50% of your vitamin E, 40% of your B12, 40% of your K2, and 40% of your recommended calcium intake,” ​she added.

Affordable health

The product is currently only available in Northern Ireland, but according to Hayden, the firm has been flooded with interest from further afield.

“We have had some interest from Great Britain, and we believe the product has export potential. We will look at any opportunity that arises. We are looking at the export potential of the product,”​ said Hayden.

“It is our goal for Super Healthy Milk to enter the mainstream milk section, rather than being categorised with the likes of soy milk,”​ she concluded.

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