Rexam targets dairy drinks with cans after MIO success

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Marianne Freund, marketing programme manager, Rexam Beverage Can Europe
Marianne Freund, marketing programme manager, Rexam Beverage Can Europe

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Rexam tells it is pursuing business in the dairy drinks segment and says one notable success to date was lemonade flavored milkshake MIO in Russia.

Marianne Freund, marketing programme manager at Rexam Beverage Can Europe, took time out to chat with Ben Bouckley at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Germany.

“MIO is a refreshing drink made of milk and lemonade, sold on the Russian market and targeting a younger audience, kids and teenagers aged 8-12. This was a fabulous success,”​ she says.

MIO (pictured below left) is filled into 330ml sleek cans made at Rexam’s plant in Vsevolozhsk. Launched in late 2013, the CSD comes in blackcurrant and mint, pear, apple, strawberry and vanilla flavors.

“We’re seeing other beverage companies coming to us, being very interested in dairy products, in juice, ready to drink cocktails and craft beer – a lot of different categories are interested in cans,” ​Freund adds.

From Editions…to Super Premium Editions

First introduced in Brazil in July 2012, Editions enables Rexam to manufacture 8-24 different can designs simultaneously on one pallet, and Freund also discusses this technology.

Editions allows brands to deliver cans with different designs to one filling line – giving them improved efficiency and marketing benefits. Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is the most prominent campaign to date that made use of the breakthrough.

 At Brau this week Rexam launched the next iteration of the technology, Super Premium Editions.


“This takes Editions to the next level with shades, different tones of color, so you have a photographic like quality on the can,”​ Freund says.

“This is great to represent people’s faces, they might be famous footballers or singers, and great for landscapes. It really brings the next dimension to the can,”​ she adds.

“Now we’re working on the next generation of Editions, Color Editions, with prism technology…several colors, several designs, and all on the same pallet,” ​Freund says.