Feed your beard with dairy

By Jim Cornall

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Got a beard? You need dairy products to keep it looking its best, says the Italian dairy association, Assolatte. Photo: iStock - Antonio_Diaz
Got a beard? You need dairy products to keep it looking its best, says the Italian dairy association, Assolatte. Photo: iStock - Antonio_Diaz

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The Italian dairy association, Assolatte, is encouraging fashionable beard maintenance, not with scissors, but with dairy.

Assolatte says that while beards are currently the height of fashion for men in Italy, as they have become in many other countries, grooming alone is not enough: they need nutrients for healthy, thick and strong growth.

And that means milk, yogurt, butter and cheese.

The association says that a beard-friendly diet should be balanced and varied, with the required amounts of amino acids to nourish the hair follicles, and vitamins (such as A, E, B5, B9 and B12), which help to synthesize proteins in foods, making them available to renew skin and hair cells.

Assolatte notes that dairy products are rich in all these substances.

Milk – for amino acids

Amino acids are the “building blocks” of protein, and are important for the formation of keratin (the main component of skin and hair), and to feed hair follicles. And because the body can’t produce all the essential amino acids itself, they have to come from food.

Assolatte notes that milk contains all the essential amino acids, and adds that a beard with brittle or weak hairs can be a sign of cysteine and methionine deficiency, two amino acids found in milk.

Butter – for vitamins A and E

Vitamin A maintains and repairs skin tissue, which is needed for the growth of strong and healthy hair. When it comes from butter, Assolatte says, the vitamin is even more effective because it is easily absorbed and because of the synergy with zinc potentiates that reinforces effects on the skin and mucous membranes.

It adds that butter is also a good source of vitamin E, which promotes the production of sebum, needed to nourish and hydrate a beard, making it softer and lush.

Cheese – for B vitamins

Cheese is a natural source of B group vitamins (such as B2 and B12), which regulate the metabolism of hair follicles and stimulate growth.

Assolatte says many goat cheeses, when they mature, develop vitamin B9 (folic acid) as well, which by stimulating the synthesis of protein, makes hair stronger and more robust.

Yogurt – for pantothenic acid

Just one yogurt a day provides enough pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) to strengthen hair follicles and help beard regrowth, Assolatte concludes.

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