Australian innovation makes raw milk safe to drink

By Jim Cornall

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A new milk on the market in Australia, Made By Cow, uses pressure to remove harmful bacteria from untreated milk.
A new milk on the market in Australia, Made By Cow, uses pressure to remove harmful bacteria from untreated milk.

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Made By Cow, an Australian company, says it has developed a safe way for people to enjoy untreated milk, without heat pasteurization or homogenization.

Made By Cow uses a new patented method that focuses on herd management and hygienic milking practices from a single Jersey herd on NSW's South Coast.

The milk is then bottled straight from the cow within hours and put under intense water pressure, compressing both the bottle and milk inside for several minutes. This pressure eliminates any remaining harmful bacteria, whilst being gentler on the milk’s natural nutrients.

Before the new method, untreated milk (also known as raw milk), needed to be heated to at least 72 degrees to destroy harmful bacteria. It is also often subjected to separation, homogenization, recombining and standardization, before being bottled and sold on shelf in supermarkets.

Approved for sale

The new method, which the company says is a world first, has been approved by the NSW Food Authority.

Made By Cow founder Saxon Joye said that the company is able to pay supplier farmers more than 50% more per liter than some other processors.

Made By Cow is available at all Harris Farm Markets, About Life stores and other stores in NSW.

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Load of bollocks

Posted by Val,

Funny . We never had this problem from clean cows on our farm or among the people who used to get milk left in billies in the old days

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Raw Deal

Posted by Pete Granger,

Unfortunately, the problem is far broader than just TB and Brucellosis. In late 2014 a three year old child died, and five other children became very ill after drinking raw milk. At the time of bottling raw milk might well be fine for human consumption. But poor handling of the product through disperse distribution and retail stores, especially during hot summers, can cause multiplication of e coli to potentially fatal levels, ie, causing kidney failure. This particularly applies to children and the immune-compromised. Raw milk sales should be permitted, but only if sold direct from the farm gate within 24 hrs of production. Allowing it to be distributed and retailed in the 'conventional' manner alongside pasteurised milk does not make allowance for inevitable human failures, and their tragic consequences.

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oh for petes sake!

Posted by Laurel,

fresh milk from CLEAN TB and Brucellosis free herds has been in aus for decades! and with sterile dairy procedures in place theres never BEEN any reason to say fresh natural untreated milk was NOT safe.
more power to them for getting around the absolute bullsh*t the processing industry and idiots in our food control systems have promoted for far too long!

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