TINE looks to reduce emissions through new Nikola One trucks

By Jim Cornall

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Norwegian company TINE is looking to a new electric vehicle, the Nikola One, to help reduce emissions.
Norwegian company TINE is looking to a new electric vehicle, the Nikola One, to help reduce emissions.
Norwegian company TINE is the first in the country to order a hybrid Nikola One truck to test the soon-to-be-launched vehicle on long hauls in Norway.

The vehicle, which launches in the US in December 2016, is expected to be delivered to Norway within two to three years.

In January 2016, TINE committed to reducing harmful emissions by 75% of current levels by 2020.

Nikola leasing program

The Nikola One will initially only be available through a leasing program. There will be no purchase options available.

The lease will vary from $5,000-$7,000 per month, and includes unlimited miles, unlimited fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance for the first 1,000,000 miles or seven years, whichever comes first.

Vehicle specs

The Nikola One has a range of 800-1,200 miles, which the company says compares to a range of 500-750 miles for a regular diesel truck. The company also promotes the fact that the top speed up a 6% gradient is 65mph, compared to a diesel truck that can reach only 40mph on a hill of that incline.

The Nikola One has a 95% efficient electric motor, and the batteries are charged via regenerative braking. Energy is used only when needed, so there is no idling.

In terms of safety, Nikola One can stop in half the distance under a full load when compared to an equivalent diesel truck.

The vehicles have no clutch, simply a gas and brake pedal, and because it is an electric vehicle, there is little noise.

The vehicles also come with a surround vision system, so the driver can see the area around the truck in real time.

Filling stations

For energy, Nikola will transfer energy from solar farms to hydrogen, which will then be transported to hydrogen stations. The distance between fill-ups is estimated at more than 1,200 miles, and there will be zero emissions.

The company is also offering free hydrogen for one million miles if companies sign up to its fuel program. Those that don’t can get hydrogen from any hydrogen station, or from one of 56 planned Nikola stations for $4 per kg.

However, at present those stations are limited to the US and Canada, and filling the truck takes around 20 minutes.

Need legislation changes

Currently in Norway there is a 50-ton load limit, but TINE says it will apply to authorities for permission to drive 60-ton trucks, which is the maximum capacity of the Nikola One.

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