FrieslandCampina focuses on active people with sports nutrition rich in proteins

By Jim Cornall

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FrieslandCampina has introduced its own protein-rich sports nutrition range under the Vifit Sport brand.

With a product range of drinks, shakes and bars the dairy company said it is responding to the needs of active athletes for protein-rich sports nutrition that contributes to recovery and muscle build-up.

Currently, according to the company, around 44% of Dutch people use sports nutrition, one-third of whom do so after exercising.

Roelof Joosten, CEO of Royal FrieslandCampina, said the company has developed products that respond to the needs of active sportspersons by using knowledge of the nutritional value of dairy for the build-up and recovery of the muscles.

Protein for muscle recovery and building

Vifit Sport will initially be introduced into the Dutch market, including online, to be followed by the rest of Europe. The product range consists of a bar, a drink and a shake, each available in various flavors.

FrieslandCampina already produces milk-based ingredients for sports nutrition producers.

The company also developed protein powders exclusively for Dutch Olympic athletes in 2016.

Vitafoods casein protein

FrieslandCampina Ingredients also promoted sports nutrition and muscle recovery at the recent Vitafoods event in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company, which creates a range of dairy-based nutritional proteins, gave a presentation on casein protein and boosting muscle recovery at night-time.

The company’s Excellion Casein Protein product is designed to be ingested prior to sleep, which the company says results in muscle accretion throughout the night.

In a company study, when athletes were given a single bolus of casein powder prior to sleep, muscle protein synthesis was 22% higher compared to the ingestion of a placebo drink.

The study goes on to say in an acidic environment, such as the stomach, casein protein clots together, and the amino acids in the casein are more slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes it possible to have amino acids available over a seven-hour period.

More convenient protein

Benno van Mersbergen, manager product group management at FrieslandCampina Ingredients told DairyReporter at the event that there is low adherence to nutritional advice being given to athletes due to the inconvenience of creating shakes or taking supplements immediately after training or exercise.

“Instead of only breaking down your muscles during the night, because there’s no nutrition available, if you take, in the evening, a protein supplement with Excellion protein, you actually nourish your muscles,”​ van Mersbergen said.

He added that people shy away from sports nutrition sometimes because they are afraid to become ‘bulky,’ but also because it’s a hassle, something taking protein before bedtime alleviates.

FrieslandCampina showcased a variety of products and ingredients at the Vitafoods event. 

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