IFT Food Expo 2017

From egg whites to faba beans, non-dairy protein ingredients multiply at IFT

By Adi Menayang

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IFT Food Expo: Faba bean? Egg white? Seeking the next protein source

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Consumers are still demanding protein, and from scanning the floors at this year’s IFT Food Expo, it looks like ingredient manufacturers are anticipating flavor and texture fatigue. From new plant-based proteins to egg protein, we round-up what’s new from this year’s show in Las Vegas.

Duckweed protein

There’s still only limited studies on duckweed​, also known as water lentils—but the literature that is out there is promising, according to Cecilia Wittbjer, VP of marketing of Florida-based duckweed protein manufacturer Parabel​.

Its branded product, Lentein, has a mild flavor and rich green color similar to Japanese matcha tea, but the company is currently working on technology to decolor it for more flexibility. The ingredient contains 40% - 50% protein and 35% - 40% dietary fiber.

Parabel grows its water lentils, or duckweed, in open hydroponic ponds.

Egg white protein

At the show, Rembrandt Foods​ announced the launch of Rempro 8090, a patent-pending, egg white protein isolate which provides over 92% egg white protein on a dry basis. It is available in dried and instantized form.

According to Thomas Domoras, director of business development at Rembrandt Foods, the ingredient has higher thermal stability and reduced gelling properties compared to standard dried egg whites.

The sodium, chloride, and sulfur found naturally in eggs are removed in the final ingredient, making sure it is low sodium and odor-free.

Faba bean protein

Faba beans.

Several companies exhibited the versatility of their faba bean protein ingredients this year. There was BI​with its high protein iced coffee containing 16g of faba bean protein, as well as Ingredion​, which used its Vitessence Pulse 3600 in a protein-powered chocolate spread on toast with strawberry and banana slices.

Pea Protein

The poster child of emerging plant proteins, pea protein was ubiquitous at this year’s show. Nutritional ingredient giant Glanbia​ won an IFT Innovation award for its BevEdge Pea Protein ingredient, processed using technology that makes it easily dispersible.

Also expanding its portfolio is Minnesota-based Puris​, formerly known as World Food Processing, which uses the whole crop of its organically and locally grown pea plants. Puris extracts protein, starch, and syrup from peas, which can be used in multiple applications from beverages to snacks.

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