Know Brainer Foods gives a ketogenic boost to the coffee creamer category

By Mary Ellen Shoup

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Know Brainer Foods is aiming to bring further function to the dairy category with its line of ketogenic creamers containing organic grass-fed ghee (clarified butter), non-GMO MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, and collagen.

Riding the recent growth of butter coffee and the rise of the ketogenic diet – when the body burns fat for energy instead of storing it – the company saw an opportunity to update the coffee creamer space, an estimated $3bn market.

“We are not changing any habits -- we are making habits healthier and more efficient,”​ founder and CEO Shari Leidich said.

Know Brainer makes a line of instant ketogenic beverages including Arabica coffee, matcha latte, chai tea, and hot chocolate as well as single-serve, shelf stable butter coffee creamers made with coconut MCT oil and ghee. 


The company launched its 16-ounce ketogenic creamer at the recent Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, California, where it was nominated as a NEXTY Award finalist for ‘best new dairy product’.

The multi-serve creamer is available in dairy (grass-fed milk and cream base) and non-dairy (almond and coconut milk) options.  

“The reason why we entered the creamer market is because 68% of us use creamers, 95% of the population believes breakfast is the most important meal of the day, 60% of us skip it. So these people are desperate for fuel,”​ Leidich said.

Leidich added that Know Brainer partners with Organic Valley to source its grass-fed dairy ingredients.

Nestlé collaboration

Know Brainer worked with the Nestlé Innovation Group to debut its new products and Leidich is seeking out other incubator type opportunities with other dairy companies such as Agropur Cooperative’s Inno Challenge.

“Nestlé is aware of trends happening and they know about the ketogenic space. They love that we took something very scientific and made it very friendly and inclusive,”​ Leidich said.

“Working with Nestlé, it’s sort of been a two way street – they love our entrepreneur spirit and then we’ve had the fortune of meeting their partners and getting ketogenic [products] into more hands.”

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