AnaBio officially opens new facility

By Jim Cornall

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Irish company AnaBio Technologies LTD, which specializes in encapsulation using natural food proteins, opened its new facility in Carrigtwohill, near Cork, Ireland recently.

AnaBio’s core technologies on developing and commercializing natural food-grade micro-encapsulation are patented for the stabilization, protection and targeted release of sensitive ingredients. Applications include probiotics, sports supplements, nutraceuticals, omega oils, enzymes, vaccines, and antibiotics.

Among the attendees at the event was Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Minister Michael Creed, who spoke of the collaborative effort and a ‘tremendous success story.’

“It’s cutting edge stuff, and I’d like to congratulate all the team,”​ Minister Creed said.

irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, spoke at the offocial opening of the AnaBio facility.

“The more collaboration we have the more success we will have. We need success stories like this.”

“The key to our success will be a commitment to excellence and the people that we have in our industry. I’m delighted to be here to acknowledge the ambition that this company is clearly stating, and it will no doubt go on to significant achievements.”

New products

AnaBio was started by CEO Dr Sinéad Bleiel, who told DairyReporter the company has recently completed six clinical trials for one of its products on glucose regulation and weight management, and is ready to launch another trademarked product based on scientific evidence to support the fact that

AnaBio microencapsulation has a highly significant impact on post-prandial blood glucose levels.

The product also regulates post-prandial blood glucose levels, which have shown a significant increase in insulin sensitivity for “normal” and “at risk” populations.

 “But even more significant,”​ Bleiel said, “is the fact that we significantly reduce food intake and reduce hunger with this technology.”

The company is also studying the potential for using encapsulation for delivering insulin orally in collaboration with Prof. David Brayden and his team in University College Dublin.

Encapsulation center

“Irish government agencies are calling it the center of excellence for encapsulation in Ireland,”​ Bleiel said.

“In the next 12 months we will be implementing an enlarged production line.

 “I think what is really exciting, is we have a new trademarked brand of probiotics that we’re launching. We have our own generic probiotic strains, and we’re encapsulating them, they are heat stable, acid stable against pasteurization and UHT.”

The company also has some new publications coming out in the near future.

More staff

Bleiel said the move to the new facility has led to an increase in staff.

“We doubled our staff, we’re now more than 25 people. We plan to grow even more, and we plan to double that again by the end of 2018.”

The staff at AnaBio.

“We really are building our portfolios of ingredients that are suitable for encapsulation, whether it's probiotics, oil or neutraceuticals.

“We have 12 patents, and they are all commercialized. They were recently introduced into the American market for pet nutrition for dogs and cats. We’re delivering probiotics for dogs and cats; they have the same health needs as human needs so we are tacking this growing market segment.”

Bleiel said the bigger facility allows AnaBio to do all the production and research it needs.

“It means that we can launch a lot more ingredients to the market in order to meet the demand.

“We can produce commercially at the moment, but we’re planning to by the end of this year to have a larger commercial capacity and build on it again in 2019 and 2020.”

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