New Arla Foods Ingredients protein slashes cream cheese-making process to 30 minutes

By Jim Cornall

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Arla Foods Ingredients will be launching several products at the event in Brazil. Pic: ©Getty Images/bigacis
Arla Foods Ingredients will be launching several products at the event in Brazil. Pic: ©Getty Images/bigacis

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Arla Foods Ingredients will launch one of the world’s fastest cream cheese manufacturing processes at next week’s Food Ingredients South America, in São Paulo, Brazil, August 21-23.

Traditionally, cream cheese-making is a complex procedure that can take up to 20 hours and generates significant amounts of acid whey; meaning it is inefficient, expensive and occupies space on the production line.

Arla Foods Ingredients said its new whey protein ingredient, Nutrilac CH-7694, means dairies can reduce the cream cheese manufacturing process to just 30 minutes while increasing yield at the same time.

Developed in Arla Foods Ingredients’ application centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nutrilac CH-7694 creates a cream cheese that is easy to handle and versatile, making it suitable for further processing into products such as cheesecakes and sushi.

Less investment needed

The key to the fast production process is the elimination of the fermentation and separation processes. Not only does this reduce manufacturing times, but it also eradicates acid whey production and requires less investment in machinery.

Aparecido Silveira, global marketing manager for dairy at Arla Foods Ingredients, said, “Our new high-yield solution is a great way for cream cheese-makers to cut costs and increase profits. It is particularly suitable for dairy companies looking to get into the category for the first time because it requires no extra investment in manufacturing plant. But it also has the potential to revolutionize processes for existing manufacturers of cream cheese.”

New yogurt product

At Fi South America, Arla Foods Ingredients will also unveil a new product for making a high-protein drinking yogurt. In tests, a 7.5% protein drinking yogurt made with Nutrilac YO-5088 was found to have ‘a significantly more desirable level of viscosity than a similar product made with a standard milk protein concentrate,’ according to the company, adding that it also retained the drinkable texture for longer.

Also set to be unveiled is Nutrilac YO-4575, a low-pH, heat-stable protein ingredient for creating healthy long-life yogurts for children’s snacks and lunchboxes.

Arla Foods Ingredients said tests showed long-life yogurt made with Nutrilac YO-4575 will not develop syneresis even after six months storage at 30°C.

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