Dairy Dialog podcast 94: SHIFT20 - PerkinElmer, Milk Specialties, Interscience Laboratories Inc., Idaho Milk products, CP Kelco, Nu Life Market

By Jim Cornall

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Dairy Dialog podcast 94: SHIFT20 - PerkinElmer, Milk Specialties, Interscience Laboratories Inc., Idaho Milk products, CP Kelco, Nu Life Market
Dairy Dialog podcast 94: SHIFT20 - PerkinElmer, Milk Specialties, Interscience Laboratories Inc., Idaho Milk products, CP Kelco, Nu Life Market

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This week’s podcast is dedicated to some of the companies presenting new products or concepts related to the dairy industry at the recent virtual SHIFT20 event, put on by the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists).

We spoke with Scott Scdoris, North American sales manager, dairy, PerkinElmer; ​Lauriane Sibileau, product application manager, Interscience Laboratories Inc.; ​Ron Hayes, marketing manager, Idaho Milk Products; ​Merris Greiber, head of marketing, and Lindsey Ormond, director of nutrition & research, Milk Specialties Global; ​Veronica Borne, manager, sales technical services, CP Kelco; ​and Karen Watson, director of sales and technical innovation, Nu Life Market.

PerkinElmer promotes new spectrometry solution for milk, whey and cream

US-headquartered PerkinElmer, Inc. has launched the LactoScope FT-B instrument, which delivers quick and accurate full spectrum component testing and adulterant screening for liquid dairy products such as whey, raw and skim milk, shelf stable milk and cream with under 40% fat content. 

Featuring a smaller footprint, the FT-IR spectrometer delivers results in less than 45 seconds with a typical accuracy level of less than 1% CV (relative standard deviation).

94-lactoscope FT-B

For large processors, the instrument can serve as a second instrument in milk intake areas to help ease liquid sample throughputs in addition to PerkinElmer’s Lactoscope FT-A system, which analyzes milk along with yogurt, ice cream, concentrates and creams with up to 55% fat.

For smaller to mid-sized dairies and milk intake points with high volumes, the LactoScope FT-B instrument also features low cost of ownership.

With the addition of the Lactoscope FT-B solution, PerkinElmer now offers end-to-end dairy compositional and safety analysis, broadening the company’s food safety and quality portfolio of instruments, analysis software, testing kits, reagents and services for grain, meats, seafood, edible oils and other food products and ingredients.

The Lactoscope FT-B instrument combines FT-IR with PerkinElmer’s patented Dynascan interferometer, OpticsGuard technology and molecular sieve. This combination helps streamline workflows, increase reliability and accuracy of results for fat, lactose, protein and added water, melamine and other adulterants and delivers low maintenance and high runtimes.

Integration with the Results Plus software provides rapid implementation with minimal training and delivers fast, secure analysis and reporting compatible with the Lactoscope FT-A solution, PerkinElmer’s DA 7250 NIR Analyzer and LIMS systems. This provides easy maneuvering between different platforms and instruments across liquid and solid dairy testing, the company said.

The Lactoscope FT-B instrument ties into the PerkinElmer Net Plus cloud solution to enable remote configuration, monitoring, calibration and team collaboration.

“Milk and dairy are staples on tables around the world and ensuring the quality of ingredients and finished products is important to both consumers and the dairy and food industries,”​ said Greg Sears, vice president and general manager, food, PerkinElmer.

“Our new Lactoscope FT-B offering puts the benefits of analysis accuracy, flexibility, ease of use and connectivity into the hands of milk and dairy providers of all sizes so they can streamline their workflows and help contribute to higher ingredient and product quality in the global food chain.”

Interscience easySpiral Pro Milk automatic petri dish plater

French-headquartered microbiology equipment company Interscience Laboratories Inc. launched the easySpiral Pro Milk automatic petri dish plater recently, and was promoting it, alongside other products, at SHIFT20.

94-Interscience easy spiral

It allows a sample of 100 to 1x107 CFU/mL to be plated on a single petri dish, without prior dilution. The easySpiral Pro Milk is particularly suitable for dairy industry, in analyzing raw materials and payment for milk.

easySpiral Pro Milk allows for the pipetting of the sample directly from its original container (e.g. test tube or beaker) before plating. There is no need to transfer samples to a special container for intake, eliminating any cross-contamination risk.

Idaho Milk Products

US company Idaho Milk Products provides milk proteins to the North American food industry.

The company has a new Milk Innovation Center, from which its staff can assist producers with current and upcoming formulations from concept to packaging samples.

The new research and development facility includes a processing area, an instrumental lab and a multi-purpose room for product evaluations and conferencing.


Its focus includes Ready-To-Drink (RTD) beverages, yogurt and fermented dairy, fresh dairy, protein bars, Ready-To-Mix (RTM) powders, ice cream, bakery and cereal.

At the SHIFT20 event, Idaho Milk products was promoting its new IdaPlus 1085 product.

IdaPlus 1085 provides additional functionality combining the value of high protein with improved texture, consistency, flavor and prolonged shelf life. The company said IdaPlus 1085 possesses greater solubility than standard MPCs/MPIs, leading to faster dispersion and hydration, even at colder processing temperatures. This results in smoother, less grainy mouthfeel and less chalkiness.

It works especially well in RTDs, drinkable yogurt and high-protein ice cream.

Milk Specialties Global

US-headquartered Milk Specialties Global is a manufacturer of nutritional dairy and plant-based protein ingredients for the health and wellness, sports nutrition and functional food industries.

At SHIFT20, the company was showcasing several new products, including PROriz, a brown rice protein developed to meet the increasing consumer demand for plant-based credentials.

94-MSG ProRiz

PROriz is sourced and produced in the US using hexane-free processing. It provides all nine essential amino acids in a low-grit, neutral tasting, free-flowing powder. Available in both organic and conventional formats, the 80% protein concentration supports general wellness, performance and weight management nutrition.

The company was also promoting NutriPRO Lactoferrin-Rich WPC, a whey protein that provides all the benefits of whey with a higher level of lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein that has been shown to support a healthy immune system in both infants and adults.

Its NutriPRO Alpha Enriched Whey Protein Isolate is a source of alpha-lactalbumin which provides all the essential amino acids from whey protein, but with a naturally-occurring higher level of the essential amino acid, tryptophan (TRP), a precursor to serotonin, which has positive effects on sleep, well-being and happiness.

CP Kelco - ingredients to help solve dairy challenges

CP Kelco is a nature-based ingredient solutions company with more than 85 years of experience working with food and beverage manufacturers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

From neutral pH and acidic dairy beverages to cheeses, yogurt, fruit prep and dairy desserts, the company applies ingredient innovation and problem-solving to develop customized solutions for dairy formulations.

The company can assist its customers with – among other things – adjusting for different pH levels, thickening, stabilization, gelation and viscosity modification.

plant beverages-AnastasiaNurullina
Pic: Getty Images/AnastasiaNurullina

At the event, CP Kelco was promoting several of its existing and new products.

Its new launches were NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber zest, and NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber peak, GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200, GENU Explorer Pectin NUC, KELCOGEL DGA Gellan Gum, KELCOGEL ADY Gellan Gum, KELCOGEL DF Gellan Gum, and KELCOGEL ALP Gellan Gum.

Many of the ingredients have applications in both dairy and plant-based finished products.

Nu Life Market launches NutraEZ

Nu Life Market has acquired the exclusive rights to a new patented extrusion process developed by the team of engineers, chemists, and extrusion technologists at GHL International. The exclusive patented technology pre-cooks whole grains and whole pulses to create clean label ingredients with multiple functional uses. Utilizing this technology, the NutraEZ line of products will include chickpeas, lentils, green and yellow peas, pinto beans, oats and sorghum, with the ability to create blends.

“Nu Life Market has always been passionate about providing our customers with sustainable, nutritious, allergen-free, and GMO-free functional food ingredients that taste great. This new licensed food processing technology will allow Nu Life Market to continue down the path of providing healthier sorghum food ingredient options and now vastly increase our product portfolio of offerings by providing whole pulse ingredients with controlled starch functionality and enhanced nutritional protein digestibility,” ​Earl Roemer, president and founder Nu Life Market, said.

“This new technology will invigorate current product offerings for our customers and enhance the development of new healthy foods in almost every category. The Nu Life Market technical sales team is excited to introduce these new clean label functional ingredients to support the development of your next great food product​.”

Pic: Getty Images/ermess

In recent years, Nu Life Market has developed functional sorghum products that provide clean label options for their customers. As the industry trends toward more plant-based options, the need for functional grain and pulse ingredients is greater than ever. Applications of the NutraEZ product line include vegan milk-alternative products, plant-based meats, sauces, spreads, extrusions, and bakery.

Nu Life Market grows, harvests, produces, mills, and packages a variety of gluten free sorghum grains into flours, brans, grains, and popped sorghum. Their products are gluten, peanut, soy free, and non-GMO.


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