Dairy Dialog podcast 158: Dairyland Laboratories, FrieslandCampina, Si-Ware Systems, Thor’s Skyr

By Jim Cornall

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Dairy Dialog podcast 158: Dairyland, FrieslandCampina, Si-Ware, Thor’s Skyr
Dairy Dialog podcast 158: Dairyland, FrieslandCampina, Si-Ware, Thor’s Skyr

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On this week’s podcast, we have interviews with Suzanne van den Eshof, global head of marketing food industry at FrieslandCampina Professional; Unnar Helgi Danielsson, founder, and York Underwood, brand manager, from Thor’s Skyr; and Mostafa Medhat, senior director of products and technology applications at Si-Ware Systems and Dairyland Laboratories CEO, Kyle Taysom.

We also have our weekly look at the global dairy markets with StoneX’s Charlie Hyland.

Si-Ware Systems and Dairyland Laboratories to launch in-field dairy feed analysis solution

High variation in dairy feed negatively impacts nutrient content and animal productivity. Historically, feed analysis typically requires time-consuming lab analysis for dairy farmers and nutritionists to understand trends and make feed decisions.

To address these challenges, Si-Ware Systems, creator of NeoSpectra material analysis solutions built on single-chip FT- NIR spectrometers, is partnering with Dairyland Laboratories, an agricultural feed and forage testing laboratory, to address dairy feed analysis. Their new in-field feed analysis solution is intended to provide farmers, nutritionists, feed mills and others access to on-demand results so they can make quicker decisions and improve feed quality and animal productivity.

Through the partnership, customers will be able to accurately analyze moisture in real time, detect trends and changes in feed quality, and screen the quality of incoming ingredients.

Mostafa Medhat, senior director of products and technology applications at Si-Ware Systems, said, “Si-Ware’s portable NeoSpectra Scanner is designed for in-field use and has a large collection surface to effectively measure the protein and moisture content of both homogenous materials such as soybean meal and non-homogenous materials such as corn silage. Customers can pair Si-Ware’s scanner with the Dairyland Feed Analysis app, which will be made available on Si-Ware’s NeoSpectra LabStore, for instant insights.”

By extending testing capabilities to the field, customers will be able to analyze samples and quickly make feed modifications when needed.

Kyle Taysom, Dairyland Laboratories’ CEO, said, “When it comes to this sampling technology, I’m not sure how much easier it can get. In less than a minute, you’ll have access to real-time feed data. From there, Dairyland can help users visualize that data so they can anticipate trends. We’re trying to present that data in the most intuitive way we can to help farmers make informed decisions.”

The new solution is currently in the beta testing phase with plans to scale to additional users in early 2022.

Taysom added, “Right now, we are focused on building a group of early adopters of the technology and dairy feed analysis solution. We’re launching here in the Midwestern US in 2022, but Dairyland has affiliate networks across the globe. We’re starting conversations on how we can adapt this technology to each location’s regionally-specific feed.”

Thor’s Skyr

Thor’s Skyr has launched into the US.

The company was founded by Unnar Helgi Danielsson, actor and strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, and actor Dylan Sprouse.

The product is available country wide, in four flavors: plain, blueberry, vanilla and strawberry.

FrieslandCampina identifies three major global food trends in 2022 Trend Report

FrieslandCampina has published its fourth annual trend report. The 2022 edition illustrates three major global trends in the industry: Being my better me, Lovely luxury experiences & Mindfulness on the menu.

The report – which also includes micro trends, innovative food concepts and company-owned insights – includes new segments such as soups, sauces and ready meals, interviews with opinion leaders and the latest consumer data.

FrieslandCampina said the 2022 global Trend Report provides global food manufacturers and companies with data, insights and recipes to position themselves in the market with innovative and surprising offerings.

Being my better me

Having seen how fragile life can be during the pandemic, consumers have their ears more actively tuned to that inner voice that advocates healthier choices, the Dutch cooperative said.

Trying to be the very best version of themselves and trying to maintain the healthy habits developed during the pandemic, is becoming an even bigger driver of consumer choices. Consumers are looking to make lasting lifestyle choices in their own way and according to their personal beliefs. Food supporting this endeavor is on the rise. It could be cake that - as well as tasting great - also happens to support gut health, or a low salt cheese in a folded flat-bread.

In the quest to ‘be the better version’ of themselves, consumers see these new takes on their familiar foods as the way to ultimately make permanent lifestyle changes. The category also includes four micro-trends: Opting out, Immunity from the inside, Plant forward and Coming clean.

Lovely luxury experiences

From fantastic fast food to superior products delivered fast, the definition of ‘premium’ is being raised several notches, according to FrieslandCampina.

Special treats once available only by visiting a top restaurant now come as takeaways, food kits or food trucks. Home deliveries from grocery suppliers focusing on local, fresh and the finest are raising the bar in terms of consumers’ expectations.

Accessible indulgence is the way forward for 2022, FrieslandCampina said. Consumers want pairings to tease their taste buds, like FrieslandCampina’s waffle croissant combo that’s been christened a croffle, or a pizza topping baked on a croissant crust.

Ultimate indulgence and Hybrid happiness are the micro-trends in this category in the report.

Mindfulness on the menu

Now that societies are opening up again, sharing food with friends and family is an important way of resetting and nurturing mental balance after a long period of enforced absence from loved ones.

The report says consumers have developed a stronger social conscience: They want to care for the people around them, plus they want to nurture and preserve the planet.

Th two micro-trends identified in this category are All-encompassing goodness and For the love of leftovers.

“The past year and a half have been difficult for everyone, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that consumer needs and preferences have changed during these unprecedented times,”​ said Suzanne van den Eshof, global head of marketing food industry at FrieslandCampina Professional.

“The consumer has become more mindful and has created new habits and expectations. The challenge lies with the manufacturers to facilitate and understand the newly found needs. Organizations that truly understand their audiences and who are agile enough to cater to quickly changing demands, are the ones that customers connect with.

“It’s essential for manufacturers to partner up with an ingredient supplier with a strong innovative character. Understanding your customer can be challenging and translating that understanding into product and innovations is a whole other ballpark. We at FrieslandCampina are confident that we can adequately support our partners in the process.”

The report is based on FrieslandCampina intelligence services such as market studies and global research, as well as in-house industry experts and its own research. The focus on the report is on relevant trends in the cakes, bakery and pastry, soups, sauces, ready meals, desserts and ice cream industries, in order to serve FrieslandCampina’s partners.

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