108Labs announces M2 Milk Platform

By Jim Cornall

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108Labs' facility in Hillsborough, NC. Pic: 108Labs
108Labs' facility in Hillsborough, NC. Pic: 108Labs

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US company 108Labs has announced the M2 smart bioreactor milk production platform.

M2 is a turnkey wetware, software, and hardware milk-making stack driven by artificial intelligence to reduce the cost and accelerate the scaling of cell-cultured milk production worldwide.

The mission of 108Labs’ newly-organized entities is to accelerate the future of human milk and replacement dairy across many health and food product fields with the M2 platform.

Pure Mammary Factors, Inc., one of the 108Labs’ entities, was founded in December 2021 and the company said it is ‘democratizing cell-cultured milks by making product research and commercialization more affordable and accessible.’

Pure Mammary Factors is operating adjacent to the 108Labs Human Milk Institute and was born from a vision to reduce the cost of cell-cultured milks with precision fermented growth factors and optimized mammary medium formulations. Pure Mammary Factors’ mission is to reduce the barrier of entry for Pure dairy product research and product commercialization by solving the central problems of affordability and accessibility in the emerging field of cell-cultured milks.

A Pure dairy product is any cell-cultured milk product created with Pure Mammary Factors. Unlike raw milk, Pure mammary cell medium and growth factors produce Pure milks safe for human consumption right out of the cell without needing pasteurization.

M2Health, Inc. was created in May 2020 and is developing Pure therapeutic human milk for prescription drugs and humanized infant formula products.

M2Health operates at the 108Labs Kelly Ann Machovec Human Milk Institute in Hillsborough, NC, where 108Labs and M2Health are developing multiple Pure human milk derived health products like humanized infant formula and prescription drugs through collaborations with dairy and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

M2Foods, Inc. was set up in September 2021, and is developing Pure foods including bovine artisanal cheeses and other replacement dairy food products.

M2Foods operates out of the Piedmont Food Facility under FDA inspection in Hillsborough, NC, and leverages M2 and Pure Mammary Factors to develop the world’s first dairy replacement food products both internally and in collaboration with food and dairy companies around the world, beginning with small batch Pure Piedmont Artisanal Cheese, which the company said it hopes will soon be available in restaurants near Hillsborough, NC.

108Labs and 108Labs entities are licensing M2 and collaborating with dairy, food and pharmaceutical partners to accelerate Pure food and health products to market worldwide.

“What 108Labs has accomplished as a self-funded, family-run incubator over the last decade is astonishing, but the future is even more amazing and I couldn’t be more excited to work with Shayne (Giuliano) and 108Labs on the future of food,"​ Scott Matthews, COO, M2Foods.


Cut: Cell-cultured milk is Pure Milk. Pic: 108Labs

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