Roquette launches organic pea protein isolates and starch for dairy and meat alternatives: ‘We offer full traceability back to the farm’

By Flora Southey

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Roquette says its new line of organic pea ingredients are suitable for alt dairy, alt meat, and personalised nutrition products. GettyImages/AsiaVision
Roquette says its new line of organic pea ingredients are suitable for alt dairy, alt meat, and personalised nutrition products. GettyImages/AsiaVision

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The ingredients supplier is ‘addressing consumer demand’ with the launch of four new grades of organic pea protein isolates and organic starch for the EU and US market, Jeremy Burks, SVP of Plant Proteins tells this publication.

Roquette has observed a shift in dietary preferences. According to the France-headquartered ingredients supplier, an increasing number of consumers are opting for organic.

Recent Innova Health and Nutrition surveys found 30% of global consumers report having increased their consumption of organic products over the past 12 months, especially Millennials. And organic products, notes Innova, are part of this ‘revolution – driven by consumer demand for more ‘natural’ and nutritious products.

Growth is particularly noticeable in regions such as North America and Western Europe, areas which Euromonitor estimates account for more than 80% of the total organic food and beverage markets.

Roquette is responding with the launch of a new line of organic pea ingredients: organic pea starch and organic pea protein.

Organic peas sourced in Canada

The launch follows on from Roquette’s roll out of its Nutralys organic textured plant proteins for EU and now US markets, based on pea or a blend of pea and fava bean.

This new launch, also coming under the Nutralys brand, ‘reasserts’ Roquette’s commitment to addressing a global challenge: ‘better food for a better planet’, Jeremy Burks, Senior Vice President, Plant Proteins, told this publication

“With the new Nutralys organic pea protein isolate range, we continue to indulge consumer appetites, while preserving the environment.”

Specifically, Roquette is offering four new grades of organic pea protein isolates – as well as organic starch – based on organic Canadian peas. Production is located at the company’s plant in Portage La Prairie Manitoba.

“The plant has been certified by Canada Organic regime and this certification will allow us to export the EU and US markets, thanks to the mutual recognition (US/Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement (USCOEA) & EU/Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement (EUCOEA),” ​Burks explained. “The plant is authorized to process conventional and organic peas.”

‘Full traceability back to the farm’

Roquette sources its organic peas with ‘full traceability back to the farm’, which the company says allows it to propose safe, premium quality pea protein products benefiting from trusted origin – non-GMO crops, soy/gluten-free – and reliable supply.

“Compared to similar plant-based solutions on the market, Roquette oversees all production phases, from the field to the ingredient,” ​said Burks.

“Our close partnership with pea growers combined with a state-of-the-art plant designed for organic and conventional ingredient production, gives us a strong and trustworthy position to be a reliable partner.”

As to whether Roquette’s organic line will be sold at a premium, Burks responded: “Organic is by essence a premium quality, meaning that those organic ingredients will offer additional value to our customers.”

Roquette is first launching the range of pea starch and pea protein ingredients in North America, Mexico and Europe, with a roll out planned for other markets.

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