ASDA has entered a three-year agreement with Arla to supply ASDA brand milk and cream products.

Arla announces new ASDA contract

By Jim Cornall

Arla Foods, the farmer-owned dairy company, has confirmed that it has entered a new three-year contract with UK supermarket chain ASDA for the supply of its own brand milk and cream. 

Brand names can't trump supermarket cheese hegemony


Brand names can't trump supermarket cheese hegemony

By RJ Whitehead

Australians still enjoy their cheddar. Market research by Roy Morgan Research shows that almost 85% of Australian shoppers buy some kind of cheese at least once each month

The Centre for Food Safety is investigating the incident

Unapproved milk found in Hong Kong

By Joseph James Whitworth

Safa Milk imported from a source of manufacture not approved by the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene, has been found in Hong Kong, according to a spokesman for the Centre for Food Safety (CFS).

Positive Listeria monocytogenes tests at a Minnesota processor have spurred a widespread recall of its products.

Positive Listeria tests prompt broad recall

By Jenni Spinner

A producer that makes private-label foods for Walmart, Target, and other high-profile retailers is initiating a widespread recall of its food products after inspectors turned up positive tests for Listeria monocytogenes at its plant.