A study has described a variety of flavors in goat cheese. Pic:©iStock/dmaroscar

Study describes goat cheese flavors

By Jim Cornall

Five trained descriptive panelists from the Center for Sensory Analysis and Consumer Behavior at Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, participated in a study to further develop an existing lexicon for use in describing the flavor characteristics of...

The study examines the sensory perception of four wines consumed by test participants both with and without four types of cheese. ©iStock/Evgeny Karandaev

Wine and cheese do go hand in hand, study says

By Mary Ellen Shoup

The Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior in Dijon, France, conducted a scientific study using a new sensory evaluation method to identify how exactly eating cheese with wine impacted an individual’s tastes and preferences.

Wild targets regional tastes with strawberry launch

Wild targets regional tastes with strawberry launch

By Rod Addy

Manufacturers of fruit gums, milk cream fillings and ice cream can now benefit from a range of natural strawberry flavours that has just been launched by flavours firm Wild in Germany.