Biotiful Dairy is the top-selling brand of the kefir manufacturers in the UK.

Tesco says kefir is niche no more

By Jim Cornall

UK retailer Tesco says that until recently, kefir was a niche dairy product in the UK - bought mainly by Eastern European shoppers, a region where it is very popular.

Tesco has launched its Tesco Cheese Group similar in principle to its Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group, which pays an above-market price for milk.

Tesco sets up cheese group

By Jim Cornall

UK retailer Tesco has announced it has created the Tesco Cheese Group (TCG), which will guarantee dairy farmers an above market price for the milk they produce for Tesco’s British own-label Mild, Medium, Mature, Extra Mature, Red Leicester and Double...

Dairy Crest wins 50m-litre contract with Tesco

Dairy Crest wins 50m-litre contract with Tesco

By Elaine Watson

Dairy Crest has picked up a new 50m litre milk supply contract with Tesco but reported a 24% drop in operating profit in its dairies division to £10.9m on the back of higher input costs and competitive pressures.

Changing the tune on GM

Changing the tune on GM

The GM debate at times seems much like the Hokey Cokey (or Pokey, if you’re US-based). There’s been a lot of putting in, some putting out, and quite a lot of shaking things all about, but as of yet, there hasn’t really been a turnaround and definitely...


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