Food analyser measures fat, protein

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A new food analyser from NIR Technology Australia uses near
infrared transmission spectroscopy to measure the components of a
broad range of foods.

The company's series 3000 Food Analyser can detect the protein, fat, moisture, alcohol, sugars and other components in foods. Controlling what goes into a food product is important for foodprocessors who need to ensure quality and to comply with food legislation. For example content analysis is important in making low fat products.

Near infrared reflection (NIR) or near infrared transmission (NIT), microwave and x-radiation have become three of the most widespread techniques used by processors to determine content in foods.

NIR Technology​ is targeting the machine at companies who make processed meats, cream cheese, dairy products,mayonnaise, peanut butter, yoghurt, sausage mix, butter and margarine.

The series 3000 Food Analyser includes a diode array spectrophotometer, laptop computer and software, and three sample cells for measuring liquids, solids and semi solids. The machine works bypassing NIR light through a 10mm to 20mm thick sample where the chemical bonds absorb energy in proportion to the concentration of the water, alcohol, sugar, fat and protein. The measurement takesless than one minute.

The process can be monitored in real time using the software. Up to 100 calibrations can be stored in memory and when the system is connected to a another computer, the company stated. NIRTechnology sells its products through distributors in North America, Italy, France, the UK and Eastern Europe.

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