New product launches around the world in the dairy aisles in April

By Jim Cornall

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April was a busy month for product launches in the dairy sector.
April was a busy month for product launches in the dairy sector.

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It's the end of the month, which means it's time for a round-up of some of the new products launching in the dairy aisles around the world in April.

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Danone brings the world of dairy to France

French dairy company Danone has introduced five new products in the country as part of its “Les Danone du Monde” (Danone of the World) product launch.

The five products – with origins in Iceland, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and India – have been created to bring different food experiences from around the world to the French public.

Danone said seven out of 10 French people are looking to discover more foods from around the world, and the new launches are the result of four years of research and development.

The first product, Icelandic skyr​, has 0.2g of fat and 10g of protein per 100g. Each tub is 140g, and retails for €1.79 for a pack of two.

apr18-danone du monde

The multi-use Lebanese-inspired Laban​ product, with a fat content of 3g and 3.3g protein per 100g, is sold in 2x250g pots for a SPRP of €2.69.

Ayran​, inspired by Turkish salty fermented milk products, also retails for €2.69 for a pack of two 250g pots.

Lassi​ is a product from India that can be used in drinks or in recipes. The sweet, fermented dairy product is also low in fat (1.5g per 100g), and has a SRP of €2.69 for two 250g pots.

Originally from Greece, Straggisto​ is a high protein (8.6g per 100g) natural yogurt with a creamy texture and 5% fat that serves also of culinary base, for example for tzatziki. The SRP is €1.79 for two 140g pots.

Danone is launching a media/social media campaign in France around the new products onMay 1.

New products from Vinamilk

The biggest Vietnamese dairy company, Vinamilk, has launched two new products.

apr18-vinamilk soy

It has launched new variant of the probiotic drink Probi, with blueberry flavor. Vinamilk Probi is the most successful probiotic drink in Vietnam, which has about 13bn live L. casei​ 431 per 65ml bottle.

The L. casei​ 431 probiotic strain has been used worldwide in food and dietary supplements since 1995 and is one of the world best documented probiotic Lactobacillus​ strains.

In addition to the blueberry variant, Probi has the original; reduced sugar using natural sweetener stevia; strawberry and melon-flavored.

Vinamilk also launched a new soy plant-based product in April – Soymilk walnut drink. The product is a combination of soymilk and walnut extract.

Walnut was once less popular in Asia markets, Vinamilk said, however, Asian consumers are now showing great interest in the nut.

Walnut soymilk is packed in 180ml TetraPak cartons. The product contains 100mg omega 3 per 100ml, which it says is three times the amount of its cow milk products. The product is also fortified with vitamin A, D, E and B3.

Daiya enters UK market

North American company Daiya, maker of plant-based foods that are dairy, gluten and soy free, has launched its products in the UK, starting in London.

Daiya is one of the founding members of The Plant Based Foods Association, a trade association that represents plant-based foods businesses in the US. The company was purchased by global healthcare company Otsuka Pharmaceutical in July 2017.

Last month, the company announced it will move to a 400,000 square foot corporate headquarters and production facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada, by mid 2020 to accelerate innovation of its plant-based foods and support future growth.

Daiya Cutting Board Collection Shreds, along with Slices, Blocks, Cream Cheeze Style Spreads and Cheezy Macs, will be available at select Whole Foods Markets, Sainsbury's and specialty online vegan vendors throughout the London area, with more locations and products to come.

Baskin-Robbins launches Cookie Cakes and dairy-free flavor


In the US, Baskin-Robbins, the world's largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, has launched Cookie Cakes, which combine cookies and ice cream. Cookie Cakes, which can be customized with a guest's favorite ice cream flavor, are available in two varieties:

Celebrations Cookie Cake: Made with two 9" chocolate chip cookie crusts with a layer of ice cream in the middle, this Cookie Cake is then decorated with whipped topping, rainbow confetti sprinkles and colorful icing.

Fudge Brownie 'n OREO Cookie Cake: Made with two 9" round fudge brownie crusts with a layer of ice cream in the middle, this Cookie Cake is then decorated with whipped topping, a fudge drizzle, OREO cookies and a fudge border.

The company also launched vegan, dairy-free Horchata Ice, inspired by the popular Latin American beverage.     

Horchata Ice is a cinnamon horchata-flavored ice with hints of coconut cream, plus notes of cinnamon, rice and spices.

New Hispanic cheeses in the US


Borden Cheese has unveiled a new Hispanic Cheese line.

The new line includes:

• Borden Cheese Quesadilla cheese - a melting cheese for Mexican-style dishes such as quesadillas or cheesy dips, or on nachos or huevos rancheros.

• Borden Cheese Oaxaca cheese - a semi-soft cheese with a salty flavour, with a similar texture to mozzarella. Oaxaca cheese is best served with enchiladas, burritos or as a topping on soup.

• Borden Cheese Queso Fresco - meaning “fresh cheese” in Spanish, has a mild and creamy taste that can be used to balance the flavor in spicy Mexican dishes. The crumbling cheese can also be used as a topping on tacos, salads, soups and grilled vegetables.

Borden Cheese can be found in major grocery stores and independent retailers throughout the US.

Sweet Habit ice cream launched

In the US, Sweet Habit is a new low-fat ice cream with 70-80 calories and 5g of protein per ½ cup serving.

apr18-sweet habit

While similar options are offered in a pint size, Sweet Habit is sold in quarts (2 pints), with eight ½ cup servings for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

 It comes in four flavors: What The Caramel, Mint My Cookies, PB & Fudge, and Cinnamon Bunned.

Mariani Walnutmilk launched

New in the plant-based milk alternatives category is Mariani's first-to-market refrigerated Walnutmilk. Lactose free, Mariani Walnutmilk is made with 100% California walnuts.


Mariani said its Walnutmilk has more calcium than typical dairy milk and fewer calories than non-fat dairy milk and other plant-based milks. It also has significantly less sugar than dairy or other plant-based milks.

The initial product launch is with regional retail partners in Texas and northern California.

Mariani Walnutmilk is lactose-free, has 50% more calcium than typical dairy milk and only 45 calories per eight-ounce serving, less than half the calories of 1% milk and fewer calories than other plant-based milks. Walnuts are a significant source of ALA, a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that has been found to benefit heart health. In addition, walnuts are a source of vitamin A.

Mariani Walnutmilk is available in half-gallon cartons and in original, vanilla and unsweetened flavors. It is gluten, dairy and soy-free, non-GMO, and has no artificial colors, flavors or carrageenan. Retail price is expected to range from $3.49-$3.99 per carton.

Seven new Velvet Ice Cream flavors launched

In Ohio, Velvet Ice Cream has added seven new flavors that are now available in stores.


Chocolate Peanut Butter has been added to Velvet’s lineup of pints, while new premium line flavors include the 2016 Ohio State Fair flavor, Banana Cream Pie, as well as Chocolate Chip, Kentucky Praline Pecan, Strawberry Cheesecake, Campfire S’mores and Salty Caramel.

New dairy line

British food and drink brand Appy Kids Co is expanding with the introduction of a dairy line.


Packed in 189ml tetra cartons featuring Paw Patrol characters, the range is approved by Red Tractor and the Vegetarian Society, and will launch in the late spring in four variants: whole milk, strawberry, banana and chocolate.

The products will be distributed in the UK by Pricecheck in pharmacies, independents, convenience stores, cash & carries and wholesalers.

New Finlandia cheese slices

Finlandia Cheese, a part of Finnish company Valio, has launched seven new sliced cheese flavors in the US.


The products are packaged in resealable pouches, and made from non-GMO ingredients, are rBST free and lactose free.

The seven imported flavor-packed varieties are: Swiss; Light Swiss, with 50% less fat; Muenster; Havarti; Gouda; Edam; and Cheddar-Gruyere.

Finlandia Slices will be available this spring with 10 slices in each 7 oz. package and an average SRP of $3.99-$4.49.

Finlandia Cheese products can be found at select retailers nationwide including ShopRite, Giant Eagle, Tops, Schnucks and Safeway.

Quicke’s unveils vintage Cheddar made using Cornish sea salt

In the UK, Quicke’s is publishing the first wedges of its Vintage Clothbound Cheddar made using Cornish sea salt.


The truckles were placed in its cheese stores and 24 months later, Britain’s longest-aged clothbound Cheddar has been launched.

Quicke’s Vintage Clothbound Cheddar is available at Harrods and is also available at Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Borough Market and London Farmers' Markets, as well as many independent stores across the UK.

The cheese can also be purchased from; 200g £5.55, 500g £13.30, 1.5kg £35.00.

New ice creams in France

For summer 2018, Food M + A in France has launched some new ice cream products.


Chocolate or Vanilla Vegan ice cream alternative (available at Intermarché)

These vegan desserts, in chocolate or vanilla flavors, are prepared with coconut milk, and have a SRP of €2.50/$3.03 (380 g).

Mini pots Summer flavors La Maison de la Glace (available through Toupargel)

This assortment of four mini pots comes in summer flavors of apricot, strawberry, peach and melon with a SRP of €7.50/$9.08 (4 x 125 ml)

Bacs artisanaux Erhard (distributed by Toupargel)

With its authentic and traditional flavors, the artisanal ice cream products from Erhard are available in 450ml tubs, for €4.85/$5.87, in apricot, apple and sour cherry variants.

Parag Milk Foods launches “Go Cheese Cubes”

Indian company Parag Milk Foods has recently launched “Go Cheese Cubes.”

The products contain no preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colors or flavors.

apr18-go cheese cubes

According to IMARC, the cheese market in India has growing at a CAGR of 31.3% since 2015.

“Go” Cheese has a 33% market share in the Indian cheese segment.

Parag Milk Foods said the launch capitalizes on the popularity of western foods such as pizza and sandwiches, and the cubes can be used in recipes or as a snack.

Go Cheese cubes are available across India for Rs. 110 ($1.67) for 200 gms.

Turkey Hill Dairy introduces Trio’politan

In the US, Turkey Hill Dairy has added a new range based on the traditional Neapolitan - Trio'politan.


The new dessert from the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dairy is a blend of three classic and bold new flavors in each container.

The Trio'politan line-up includes:

• Triple Chocolate — milk chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl, dark chocolate ice cream and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips

• American Dream — blueberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream with strawberry swirl and strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips

• Coco Loco — caramel ice cream, coconut ice cream with toasted coconut swirl and chocolate ice cream

• Mint Cookie — vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl, dark chocolate ice cream and mint ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces

• All Natural Chocolate Raspberry Bliss — vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips

Trio'politan is available in select stores where Turkey Hill products are sold.

TM Yagotynske launches Ayran with dill

TM Yagotynse, a brand of Ukraine’s Milk Group, has launched a new product in the fermented milk drink category — Ayran with dill. It is made of cow milk with addition of lactic acid bacteria and marinated dill.


Ayran has a tart fermented milk taste, and dill not only improves the taste of this drink, but also gives it piquancy.

Ayran is considered a product of excellent health and longevity among Caucasians. It contains protein, as well as a large set of micro- and macro elements, vitamins and acids. This fermented milk can be used as a separate dish, or as an ingredient for cooking cold soups and vegetable cocktails.

The product is available in 450g PET bottles and has a shelf life of 30 days.

New Breyers 2in1s

In the US, Breyers has launched 2in1s in four combinations:        


• Breyers 2in1 Oreo Chips Ahoy!- Vanilla Breyers loaded with pieces of Oreo cookies, swirled together with caramel Breyers and pieces of Chips Ahoy! cookies.

• Breyers 2in1 REESE'S PIECES - Peanut butter Breyers with pieces of REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, swirled together with chocolate Breyers and REESE'S PIECES Mini Candies.

• Breyers 2in1 Snickers M&M's - Caramel Breyers with pieces of Snickers, swirled with chocolate Breyers and M&M's Minis milk chocolate candies.

• Breyers HEATH Waffle Cone - Vanilla Breyers with pieces of HEATH toffee pieces, swirled with chocolate Breyers and fudge-covered waffle cone pieces.

In the summer, Breyers Cookies and Candies launches, formerly the Breyers Blasts! range. Updated packaging and new products will be available nationwide this summer for flavors including Oreo Cookies & Cream, REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, REESE'S Chocolate, Snickers Bar, HEATH English Toffee and Waffle Cone with Chocolatey Chips.

All four flavors of new Breyers 2in1 are now available in 48-ounce tubs at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price between $3.99 and $5.49, together with the new and Breyers Cookies and Candies range. 

Cabot Creamery Co-operative relaunches shredded cheese line with new packaging and flavors

Vermont, US company Cabot Creamery Co-operative is adding new shredded cheese varieties to the dairy case.

The new flavors bring Cabot’s shredded cheese offerings to 15 varieties.


New items include Bacon Cheddar, Fiery Jack, Mac & Cheese, Rustic Pizza, 5 Cheese Italian and Two State Farmers’ New York & Vermont Cheddar Blend.

Cabot shreds have seen sales grow 20% in the past year (IRI Unify Platform, Total US – Food, 52 Weeks Ending 3/25/18). Along with additional varieties, Cabot’s full line of shredded cheese is also getting a visual refresh to bring uniformity across the products.

Cabot’s new shredded cheeses are in stores now, primarily in the Northeast, with expanded distribution rolling out throughout 2018.

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