New products in the dairy aisle: May

By Jim Cornall

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Dairy products were launched in most dairy categories in May.
Dairy products were launched in most dairy categories in May.

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It's time for our monthly round-up of new products from around the world hitting the shelves in the dairy aisles.

It has certainly been a bumper month for launches, with yogurts, cheeses, flavored milk, butter and ice creams from around the world. As always, if you have a new product to share, or have seen one you think we need to include, please send us the details​, along with an image of the product.

Breakfast on the go from Arla

In the UK, Arla Foods launches into the breakfast food-to-go market with the introduction of its new Milk & Oats range of ready to drink beverages.

may18-arla milk oats

Milk & Oats is a blend of skimmed milk, wholegrain oats and natural flavor that will launch in two variants – Maple and Vanilla.

Arla said the product combines the convenience that on the go shoppers with a product high in fiber and protein, low in fat and a source of calcium.

Milk & Oats is available in 250ml bottles from Nisa, Co-Op and Sainsbury’s.

Twenty new products from Unilever     

In the US, Unilever Ice Cream has added 20 new frozen treats across five of its packaged ice cream and frozen novelty brands: Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, MAGNUM Ice Cream and Popsicle.

Available nationwide, the new products include first-of-its-kind ice cream experience MAGNUM Tubs, new sizes like snackable Klondike Minis, and more from Breyers, Popsicle and Good Humor.

Magnum Ice Cream debuts tubs

In the US, Magnum Tubs have reimagined Magnum's ice cream bar as a scoopable treat that is fully encased in a chocolate cracking shell and topped with a Magnum chocolate stamp.

• Magnum Milk Chocolate Vanilla features vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate shards, all surrounded by a cracking Magnum chocolate shell and topped with the Magnum chocolate stamp. Made with Belgian chocolate.

• Magnum Dark Chocolate Raspberry includes raspberry ice cream and dark chocolate shards, surrounded by a cracking Magnum dark chocolate shell and topped with the Magnum chocolate stamp. Made with 65% cacao.

• Magnum Milk Chocolate Hazelnut combines hazelnut ice cream with caramelized hazelnuts and thick chocolate shards, surrounded by a cracking Magnum chocolate shell and topped with caramelized hazelnuts. Made with Belgian chocolate.

• Magnum White Chocolate Vanilla uses vanilla ice cream and thick white chocolate shards, surrounded by a cracking white chocolate shell and topped with the Magnum chocolate stamp. Made with Belgian chocolate.

In addition to Magnum Tubs, the brand is bringing two new varieties to its Doubles ice cream bar line. The new bars are twice-dipped for a double decadent experience:

• Magnum Double Cherry Truffle features cherry ice cream swirled with chocolate ganache and dipped in a chocolatey coating, with a cherry sauce and milk chocolate. Made with Belgian chocolate.

• Magnum Mini Double Raspberry pairs raspberry ice cream dipped in a chocolatey coating, with a raspberry sauce and milk chocolate. Made with Belgian chocolate.

Breyers 2in1s

Breyers is introducing four new 2in1s combinations.

• Breyers 2in1 Oreo Chips Ahoy! swirls Breyers Vanilla and Caramel with Oreo cookie pieces and Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces.

• Breyers 2in1 Reese's Pieces blends Breyers Peanut Butter and Chocolate with Reese's peanut butter cup pieces and Reese's Pieces mini candies.

• Breyers 2in1 Snickers M&M's brings together Breyers Caramel and Chocolate light ice cream with pieces of Snickers bar and M&M's Minis milk chocolate candies.

• Breyers 2in1 Heath Waffle Cone mixes Breyers Vanilla and Chocolate with Heath toffee pieces and fudge-covered waffle cone pieces.

may 18 - unilever

Breyers delights Minis in new 4-ounce size

Breyers delights launched in summer 2017 with 260-330 calories per pint. This spring, Breyers delights is introducing new Minis. At 70-80 calories and five grams of protein per 4-ounce cup, Breyers delights Minis come in two flavors:

• Breyers delights Mini Vanilla Cupcake is made with low-fat vanilla ice cream, cupcake batter and loaded with sprinkles at 80 calories per cup.

• Breyers delights Mini Creamy Chocolate is made with low-fat chocolate ice cream and cocoa at 70 calories per cup.

Popsicle Expands lineup

This year, the brand is releasing Popsicle Fruit Pops in four flavors. Made with five ingredients: water, fruit, cane sugar, vitamin C and natural flavors, each ice pop contains fewer than 45 calories and 11 grams of sugar.

• Popsicle Strawberry Fruit Pops

• Popsicle Mango Fruit Pops

• Popsicle Orange Fruit Pops

• Popsicle Raspberry Fruit Pops

Klondike new Minis

Klondike is introducing its first-ever line of Minis.

• Klondike Minis Original offers the brand's vanilla ice cream coated in a chocolatey shell.

• Klondike Minis Reese's features Reese's flavored ice cream in a chocolatey shell.

Good Humor adds peanut butter twist

This year, Good Humor has collaborated with Reese's to bring a new variety to market:

• Good Humor Reese's Dessert Bar is a dessert bar blended with Reese's peanut butter sauce and covered in Good Humor cake coating.

Farming Together helps dairy co-op launch flavored milks

In Australia, New South Wales (NSW) consumers now have a wider choice of flavored milks with farmer-owned Berry Rural Co-op expanding its product range, backed by Farming Together.

may 18 - Berry rural co-op

The co-op received A$131,000 (US$98,750) from Farming Together, to help develop a strategic plan, a business plan and a governance program as well as a succession plan and marketing plan.

The Farm Co-operative and Collaboration Program (Farming Together) is a two-year, A$13.8m (US$10.4m) initiative from the Australian Government designed to help agricultural groups value-add, secure premium pricing, scale-up production, attract capital investment, earn new markets or secure lower input costs.

The co-op decided to expand into flavored milks after a study undertaken with help from the program.

The six dairy farm-co-op launched the range of full-cream, full-flavored milks in chocolate, strawberry and iced coffee flavors.

The milks, branded South Coast Dairy, come in 300ml, 500ml and two-liter packaging.

Arla’s Lurpak launches new Softest

In the UK, Lurpak is to expand its spreadable product portfolio with the launch of Lurpak Softest, a new soft blend butter that is spreadable straight from the fridge.

may 18 - lurpak

To make Lurpak Softest, Arla blended Lurpak butter, buttermilk retained from churning and rapeseed oil.

Lucy Hurrell-Morgan, brand manager for Lurpak, said, “Research shows that 92% of consumers spread butter straight from the fridge so we really wanted to address the issue of spreadability which we know is a barrier to purchase. With the new recipe we have created for Lurpak Softest, we can tap in to the increasing consumer demand for convenience, but with the taste and naturalness of butter.”

New cottage cheese from Dean Foods

In the US, Dean Foods is working to help cottage cheese gain back some market share, with the launch of DairyPure Mix-ins, a new line of cottage cheese that taps into the importance of portability with its single-serve containers.

may 18 - dean foods

Mix-ins, the newest extension for the DairyPure brand, is a range of four fruit and nut toppings.

Dean recognized key market trends that showed snacks are replacing meals and the importance of convenience, high protein and real ingredients in consumers’ food, all of which sparked the idea for Mix-ins.

Each 5.3 oz. cup of DairyPure Mix-ins contains more than 15 grams of protein -- twice the amount in an equal serving of regular yogurt. The blueberry, peach & pecan, pineapple and strawberry & almond Mix-ins are made with real fruit and nuts and no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

The products are regionally available across the country.

Nature One Dairy launches organic infant formula

Australia’s Nature One Dairy has launched its range of organic infant formula in China; it will be launched in Singapore in early July.

may 18 - nature one

Targeted at infants and toddlers from newborn to three years old, the organic infant formula is Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce.

Nick Dimopoulos, CEO of Nature One Dairy, said,” The demand for pure and clean organic products has been rising and this has extended to infant formula category. Nature One Dairy has carried out product development on the organic range for the past year and we are pleased to finally launch the range.

Dimopoulos added Nature One Dairy will be launching an Organic Cereal range and a fruit and vegetable pouch range suitable for babies aged 4 months over the next three months.

Arla adds to Fibre range

Following the launch of Arla Fibre in the UK earlier this year, Arla Foods is to expand the range with the addition of a new plain variant.

may 18 - arla fibre

With no added sugar, and 5.3g of fibre per 150g, Arla Fibre’s new plain format is a low fat source of the nutrient but without the taste or texture of fibre.

Arla Fibre in plain is available from Tesco stores nationwide in 450g pots.

New organic format for Yeo Valley

In the UK, Yeo Valley is extending its Organic Milk range by launching a new 1.5 liter format in whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed, in Tesco stores nationwide.

Yeo Valley buys its milk from the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo). Its partnership with OMSCo has lasted for more than 20 years.

A newly designed label celebrates Yeo Valley’s British and organic credentials and communicates the fact that Yeo Valley is a family farm.

Yeo Valley’s Organic Milk 1.5 Liter is available from Tesco stores for MRRSP £1.29.

Hiland Dairy launches new ice cream packaging and three new flavors

US company Hiland Dairy is introducing three new ice cream flavors:

may18 -hiland

• Hiland Time Traveler — Inspired by the new Time Traveler roller coaster at Silver Dollar City, billed as the world's fastest, steepest and tallest spinning coaster. The new ice cream flavor features French silk ice cream spun with marshmallow bonbons, chocolate flakes and thick fudge sauce.

• Caramel Waffle Cone — Caramel ice cream with milk chocolate swirls and fudge covered waffle cone pieces.

• Cherry Chocolate Chunk — Cherry-flavored ice cream with pieces of real cherries and chocolate chunks.

All three new premium flavors are available in 48-ounce and 16-ounce containers and are available at retail locations where Hiland Dairy products are sold.    

In addition to the new flavors, Hiland Dairy is introducing new packages in response to consumer and grocer requests for more food label transparency and less packaging waste.

"The new packages align with our improved transparency in food labeling, which we began implementing earlier this year with double labels on our milk products,"​ said Rick Beaman, vice president, Hiland Dairy.

"We also wanted our ice cream packaging to create less consumer waste in landfills, and that's part of our commitment to sustainability and preserving the planet for future generations,"​ Beaman said.

What the French?! ice cream

In June 2018, ice cream What the French?! lands on the shelves in France.

Launched by French by Nature, a four-person start up in Lyon, What the French?! is a range of ice creams, sorbets, yogurts and alcoholic ice creams.

may 18 what the french

There are nine flavors in the 450ml tub range, which is available in June in supermarkets for €5.20 ($6.04).

The flavors are:

  • Coup du Foudre (Love at First Sight), a mix of vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate and caramel
  • Electro Shock, chocolate ice cream with hazelnut and chocolate ribbons and toasted sesame seeds
  • Jungle King, chocolate ice cream with coconut
  • Oh La La! Salted caramel ice cream with chocolate and peanuts
  • Do You Do You, vanilla ice cream with peanuts and caramel ribbons
  • Secret Crush, peanut ice cream with caramel and chocolate covered corn
  • Kiss Kiss Mang Mang, a mango sorbet with raspberry ribbons and coconut
  • Cuba Lover, a rum sorbet with strawberry and mint
  • French Kiss, a frozen yogurt with passionfruit and dark chocolate

Arla BIO in Germany

Launched in new packaging this month is Arla BIO pasture milk with 3.8% fat. The packaging of the durable Arla BIO milk is also notable in that it has the lowest CO2​ footprint in the German market compared to all other UHT milk.

may 18 - arla bio

According to the IFEU Institute, the CO2 savings are 72% compared to conventional UHT-milk packaging. The packaging will initially be used exclusively by supermarket Rewe and from July throughout Germany.

The Arla BIO range includes the following products:

Fresh organic pasture milk with 1.5% fat (RRP €1.29/$1.49)

Fresh organic pasture milk with 3.8% fat (RRP €1.39/$1.61)

UHT organic pasture milk with 1.5% fat (RRP €1.29/$1.49)

UHT organic pasture milk with 3.8% fat (RRP €1.39/$1.61)

Müller enters UK spreadable market

In the UK, Müller has launched Müller Spreadable, its first ever branded spreadable in the UK.

Müller Spreadable is made with 73% real churned butter.

may 18 - muller spreadable

Launched exclusively in Tesco on May 21, 2018, consumers will be able to purchase six SKUs. The new Müller Spreadable will be available in slightly salted and unsalted in 400g (RRP £3.00/$4) and 250g (RRP £2.00/$2.65).

In addition, consumers in Tesco will also be able to purchase salted and unsalted Müller Butter (block) in 250g (RRP £2.00). All SKUs will be available throughout the trade later in 2018.

New from TINE

Norwegian company TINE launched a variety of products to the market on April 30.

The dairy company launched two 170g Greek yogurt products with granola, in vanilla and passionfruit flavors. Also launched was an 850g mango and passionfruit yogurt.

In the cheese category, there is a new Jarlsberg Original Staver, six 20g-sticks of Jarlsberg cheese for snacking or packed lunches. In addition, there is a Norvegia version of the snacks, as well as a 16% less fat Norvegia variant.

may 18 - tine

There are also three 250g shredded cheese package variants: TINE Revet Lettost with 17% fat, a mix of grated Jarlsberg Light, Norvegia Light and Norwegian mozzarella; Norvegia; and a four-cheese version, TINE Revet Ost 4 oster, which includes Jarlsberg, Norvegia, Østavind and Norwegian mozzarella.

Two 190g  Go'morgen UTEN (Good morning, without…) yogurt products have been launched, a passionfruit/coconut and granola variant, and a dragonfruit, raspberry and granola variant.  Both have no added sugar and are sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame K.

For children, there are two 220g Litago Shake milkshake products launched, one in strawberry/banana flavor, and the other in chocolate/caramel.

TINE has also launched two 330ml YT Proteinvann protein water products sweetened with sucralose and containing 13g of whey protein. The two flavors are lemon & lime and strawberry & pomegranate.

Marble Slab Creamery and MaggieMoo's introduce new cereal milk ice cream

For a limited time in the US, Marble Slab Creamery and MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treatery are serving up a new Cereal Milk Ice Cream flavor and Cereal Milk Shake.

may 18 - marble

To complement the new flavor, Birthday Confetti Waffle Cones are also being introduced. Cereal Milk treats will be available in stores nationwide through September 2, 2018.

Cereal Milk Ice Cream is a combination of yellow cake batter and marshmallow flavors. It pairs with Froot Loops and mini marshmallow mix-ins and marshmallow topping.

Blended with Cereal Milk Ice Cream and Froot Loops, the shake features a swirl of marshmallow cream and is topped with whipped cream and a garnish of more Froot Loops.                 

New shake line

In the US, Atkins Nutritionals Inc. unveiled its new shake line, Atkins Plus Protein & Fiber Shakes.

The shakes come in Creamy Milk Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla and have 30g of dairy protein, 7g of fiber and 20 vitamins and minerals, and boast a low glycemic impact with 1g of sugar.

may 18 - atkins

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