Dairy Dialog podcast 24: Fogg Filler, new Nuii and ice cream trends

By Jim Cornall

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Dairy Dialog podcast 24: Fogg Filler, new Nuii and Baboo Gelato on ice cream
Dairy Dialog podcast 24: Fogg Filler, new Nuii and Baboo Gelato on ice cream

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This week, the Dairy Dialog podcast features three interviews, with Jay Langejans, Midwest sales representative at Fogg Filler in the US, on the company’s cap sorter upgrades; Phil Griffin, Froneri Group head of sales, on Froneri’s new stick ice-cream launch, Nuii; and with Annie hanbury, master gelatiere at Baboo Gelato in the UK about gelato and ice cream.

And there is the weekly update on the global dairy markets with INTL FCStone.

Fogg Filler cap sorter upgrades

Fogg Filler, a designer and manufacturer of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry has made several improvements to its VSE cap sorters.

Fogg's new VSE automated cap exit is a tool-less, hands free solution for changing cap guides between different caps. This is done automatically when the customer selects from the HMI which bottle/cap they need to run. Operators no longer need to climb up ladders and manually change cap guides between caps.

In the off chance that a backward cap makes it past the sorter and enters the chute system, Fogg's new automatic backward cap ejector will remove the cap. The backward cap will be ejected so quickly that the machine never stops production.

Fogg VSEs now include a sloped-top electrical enclosure. This helps to keep the machine cleaner by eliminating the buildup of dust and debris.

Fogg has engineered an easier and quicker way of replacing the drive train motor on the VSE. Although this is an occurrence that rarely needs to be addressed, now it is much more convenient to do so. In the past, a technician had to separate the main conveyor chain in order to replace the motor. Now, the technician simply has to disconnect power, unbolt, replace the motor, and reconnect the power.

Fogg has also created new stainless-steel covers for cap chutes, an optional feature for those that need to meet advanced sanitary standards.

Froneri launches Nuii premium ice cream stick in the UK and Europe

Ice-cream company Froneri has launched Nuii, a new premium ice cream stick in key markets across Europe.

Froneri, the joint venture created in 2016 by R&R and Nestlé has invested in Nuii’s development and launch, installing new production facilities.

Froneri CEO Ibrahim Najafi said, “Froneri is the second largest ice cream company in Europe, and the third largest worldwide. Our vision is to build the world’s best ice cream company, and part of our strategy is to develop local market successes and roll them out across our other markets.

“The market for indulgent, adult ice cream is growing. Nuii, is offering a new experience in this category, building on the success of our Connoisseur brand in Australia – and we are confident that European consumers will love it.”

Nuii comes in a range of flavors including Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia; Dark Chocolate & Nordic Berries; Cookies & Idaho Valley Mint; and Almond & Java Vanilla, White Chocolate & Scandinavian Mountain Cranberries, and Peanut Butter & Canadian Maple Syrup and is available in Germany, Austria, France Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

Baboo Gelato

Baboo Gelato is an award-winning artisanal gelato, hand made in Bridport, Dorset, in the UK. Launched in 2015 by master gelatiere Annie Hanbury, Baboo Gelato products are made using organic milk from a local dairy whose cows graze on a variety of grasses, herbs and flowers to give a richer flavor to the milk. 

Much of the fruit used in the gelato is home grown in the founder's garden, including raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, apples, pears, plums, redcurrants, blackcurrants, and gooseberries.

Baboo Gelato is available in 31 flavors and is available from the company’s kiosks in West Bay, Bridport and Lyme Regis and in some delis, farm shops and restaurants in the South West region. 

The company offer some more unusual flavors too, such as a Gin & Tonic sorbet, Flu Buster sorbet, and developed maple bacon exclusively for Dorset House boutique B&B.

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