New in the dairy aisles - March

By Beth Newhart and Jim Cornall

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New products for March 2019. Pic: ©Getty Images/natasaadzic
New products for March 2019. Pic: ©Getty Images/natasaadzic

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DairyReporter brings you its monthly round-up of what’s new in the dairy aisles for March 2019.

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Healthy Height goes global

Nutritional Growth Solutions Ltd. has expanded distribution globally of Healthy Height, a nutritional shake clinically shown to improve children’s height. This kid-friendly protein shake mix, already successful in the US and Israel, is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors, is high in whey protein, vitamins, and minerals. According to a recent clinical study, Healthy Height can help young children who are short and lean grow taller.


Each serving of Healthy Height has 12g of whey protein. The hormone-free, gluten-free shake also includes amino acids and contains no soy, artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives.

NG Solutions has signed distribution contracts with companies in Australia, China, Italy, and Romania, and is actively seeking to add distributors in other European countries and Asia.

La Serenissima presents new line

Argentina’s La Serenísima, has launched a new line of milks, adding to its traditional ‘red’ and ‘green’ milks.


The products now include the following:

● 3%, "CLASSICAL": the usual milk, from a red container.

● 2%, "CLÁSICA MÁS LIVIANA": a new member of the La Serenísima family of milks, which the company says is for those looking to balance flavor and lightness. The milk has a fat content of 2% that makes it lighter than the "Classic" version. It comes in orange packaging.

● 1%, "LIVIANA": traditional partially skimmed milk, with a green container, is now called "Liviana".

● 0%, "LESS CALORIES": this new milk is the first in the Argentine market with 0% fat content.

Arctic Blast launch

In the UK, Crediton Dairy’s ready-to-drink iced coffee brand Arctic Iced Coffee is set to tap into the growing consumer interest in Cold Brew coffee and drinks with added functional benefits with the launch of Arctic Blast.

mar19-arctic blast

Arctic Blast will have two variants:

Arctic Blast Extra Shot - made with Cold Brew Coffee and an extra shot of espresso.

Arctic Blast Protein – made with Cold Brew coffee and a 15g shot of protein.

The two new Arctic Blast flavors will be available in 330ml size packs from June with a top four major multiple retailer already having confirmed listings with more expected.

Müller UK launches natural yogurt range

In the UK, Müller has launched its first ever range of natural yogurt. Made with milk from British farms, the natural range is fat free, high in protein and includes 0% added sugar.


With the launch of Müllerlight Natural and Müllerlight Greek Style Natural, the company is continuing to target growing parts of the yogurt category where it has been absent.

Müllerlight Greek Style Natural is available in Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, in 450g ‘big pot’ format, with an RRP of £1.60 ($2.09).

Müllerlight Natural is available in Asda, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s in a single 175g format (RRP £0.75/$0.98). A six pack format is available in the same retailers with an RRP of £4.09 ($5.36).

Following the development of a unique new yogurt culture and recipes, the dairy company is also removing all added sugar from its core Müllerlight yogurt range in May 2019, reducing the total sugar content by up to 28%.

Müller is also entering the luxury yogurt segment with Müllerlight Amore, an Italian inspired luxury yogurt that is fat free.

Magnum taps into white chocolate trend

Magnum, the UK’s number one ice cream brand from Unilever, has launnced Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies across all formats, including handheld and tubs.

mar19-Magnum Mini White Choc  Cookies Hand Held

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies contains white chocolate and ice cream, with cookie crumb pieces and a chocolate cookie sauce swirl.  The new flavor is designed to help retailers capitalize on the growing trend for white chocolate, while also appealing to cookie fans – a flavor driving growth across ice cream and confectionery.

Magnum White Chocolate is the brand’s second biggest SKU, not only will the new range appeal to exisiting fans, it will also attract new shoppers, adding incremental growth to the indulgent ice cream category this summer.

Product details:

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 3 x 90ml RRP - £3.69/$4.83 (10 per case)

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 6 x 55ml RRP - £3.93/$5.15 (6 per case)

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 440ml RRP - £3.85/$5.04 (8 per case)

Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies 90ml RRP - £2.00/$2.62 (20 per case)

Breyers’ new dairy-free variant

Following its launch in the UK last year, Unilever is expanding its Breyers range with a new dairy-free variant that answers consumer demands for a low-calorie, vegan friendly ice cream product.


Breyers Dairy-Free Chocolate & Hazelnut is made with hazelnut pieces and has been developed in response to the huge number of those now following vegan and dairy-free diets.

In addition to a new dairy-free tub, Unilever is also introducing Breyers Mono Portions to the market featuring two of the brand’s most popular flavors, Salted Caramel Cake and Cookies & Cream, in a new 100ml format. The portions are below 80kcal each.

Product details:

Breyers Dairy-Free Chocolate & Hazelnut 500ML RRP: £4.99 ($6.54)

Breyers Salted Caramel Cake 100Ml Mono Portion RRP: £1.60 ($2.10)

Breyers Cookies & Cream 100Ml Mono Portion RRP: £1.60 ($2.10)

60-month- and 48-month-old Džiugas enter UK market

Lithuanian cheese brand Džiugas already has a presence in the mature hard cheese sector, offering 12, 18, 24 and 36-month maturities as standard.


Now, for the first time in the UK, Džiugas 48 month Exclusive and 60 month Luxurious maturities have been launched.

With only a very limited amount of these vintages available, the Exclusive and Luxurious maturities are seldom seen outside Lithuania, where the cheese is made.

Both variants are lactose free and contain no preservatives.

The Džiugas mature cheeses have been listed by Selfridges from March 2019.

Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake Singles

Massachusetts-based restaurant chain Friendly’s is known in the US for its frozen dessert products sold in retailers nationwide. Joining its portfolio of ice cream cartons, cakes, bars and sandwiches is a line of ice cream cake singles.

mar19-friendlys cake single

It launched this month in Walmart stores with four flavors that include crunchy mix-ins, including Strawberry Krunch (strawberry and vanilla ice cream separated by strawberry éclair crunchies), Birthday Cake (vanilla and chocolate ice cream separated by chocolate crunchies), Chocolate Krunch (vanilla and chocolate ice cream separated by chocolate éclair crunchies) and Strawberry Cheesecake (cheesecake flavored and strawberry ice cream separated by graham crunchies).

Serendipity Brands ice cream

Serendipity 3 has been a mainstay New York City restaurant for decades. It’s now bringing options to retail with a collection of eight ice cream pints sold at select 7-Eleven stores. It plans to release more flavors and expand to more retailers in the coming months.

mar19-Serendipity ice cream

The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate flavor leads the launch, which Serendipity says has become an iconic dessert for the brand and jokes that it has “been served at the restaurant more than 25 million times.” Other flavors in the core line include Strawberry Fields Sundae, Outrageous Banana Split, Birthday Cake, Forbidden Broadway Sundae, Café Espresso Chip, Humble Pie and Vanilla Vogue.

Mark Smolin, CEO of Serendipity Brands, said, “One of Serendipity 3’s long-time customers Andy Warhol once said, ‘The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting,’ and that’s exactly how our team feels about the launch of our new super premium line of ice cream. The wait is finally over, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that for the first time our fans outside of New York City and across the United States will now be able to enjoy these iconic dessert flavors right from their own freezer.”

Yasso Greek Yogurt Snack Buddies

Yasso is known for being the first frozen Greek yogurt product marketed as a healthy ice cream alternative, selling both pints and bars. Now it’s downsizing to smaller, portion-controlled Snack Buddies that contain just 45-50 calories per pop.

mar19-yasso greek bars

Yasso says its bars are made with 25% less sugar than leading novelty products and 10% more protein, and without high fructose corn syrup or high intensity sweeteners. Four flavors include Mint Cookie Chums, Strawbuddy Lemonade, Fudge Space Chip and Party Animal.

Amanda Klane, Yasso co-founder and co-CEO, said, "As we did back in 2011 when we launched Yasso, we again identified an opportunity in the category to meet consumers' needs. The current novelty options available and marketed towards kids are largely water-based, packed with sugar and filled with artificial flavors and sweeteners.

"Snack Buddies exists to fill that void and deliver an option for parents seeking healthier snacks for their children that can be enjoyed by the whole family."

Rumiano Cheese performance products

After 100 years of operation, California’s oldest family-owned cheese company is celebrating its centennial with a new product line “designed to boost energy and cognitive performance.”​ Rumiano Cheese introduced 10oz glass jars of Grass-Fed Ghee and Regen Butter at the Natural Products Expo West show this month.

mar19-rumiano performance

The Grass-Fed Ghee is available in plain, turmeric black pepper, and honey, and is made from organic, grass-fed butter. The Regen Butter is an organic, grass-fed butter that boosts energy, focus and brain function, infused with functional ingredients like Lion’s Mane Mushroom, collagen and MCT oil.

Joe Baird, Rumiano Cheese CEO, said, “Ghee is an ancient staple that is gaining in popularity for its tremendous health benefits and versatility. And Regen Butter has incredible fat-fueling properties that greatly impact energy and clarity. We entered this new category due to the increased emergence of the high performance lifestyle and healthy, high-fat diets.”

“We have big plans to expand our portfolio of organic products and will be filling out our performance line later this year.”

Enlightened ice cream snacks

Enlightened has been a major player in the better-for-you ice cream market, and this month it brought out two savory-sweet snack innovations. All That & a Bag of Chips will be the brand’s thirtieth pint flavor and Movie Night will be the fourteenth bar flavor. Enlightened also sells seven non-dairy pints.


All That & a Bag of Chips is modeled after a chocolate-covered potato chip, featuring potato chip ice cream with chocolate chips and a salted fudge swirl. It will be limited edition for the summer, available at select retailers.

The Movie Night bar is popcorn ice cream with chocolate chips and a caramel swirl and will be a permanent addition to the line. Enlightened also sells a Movie Night-flavored pint that inspired the bar.

Michael Shoretz, founder and CEO of Enlightened, said "Our Movie Night pint has been a top-performing flavor that has introduced many fans to our brand, and we've often received customer requests for Movie Night in single-serve bar form. We love responding to customer feedback with innovation and are especially proud of this flavor, which is full of caramel and chocolate in every bite."

SToK plant-based lattes

Cold brew coffee takes center stage with STōK, sold in ready-to-drink bottles (13.7oz, 48oz) and cans (15oz) at all major retailers. It has officially entered the non-dairy space with two new 48oz varieties, the Oatmilk Latte and the Almondmilk Mocha.


The coffee is brewed low and slow with a 10-hour process, and STōK says its oat milk alternative adds “an ideal level of creaminess, while allowing the coffee's flavors to shine through loud and clear.”

Lindsey Morgan, marketing director for STōK Cold Brew, said "At STōK, we take the craft of cold brew coffee seriously – but we also like to tinker with our recipes and have some fun. Our new Oatmilk Latte and Almondmilk Mocha Cold Brews offer coffee fans a delicious, creamy and ready-to-drink brew that they can enjoy whenever the need for a pick-me-up strikes."

The products are dairy-free, gluten-free and certified vegan. They debuted at Expo West and are rolling out in retail now.

DairyPure Cottage Cheese Mix-Ins

Packaged in the style of individual yogurt cups, DairyPure from Dean Foods is expanding its offering of single-serve cottage cheese products. The Mix-Ins line launched in 2018 with Blueberry, Pineapple, Peach & Pecan and Strawberry & Almond.

The new flavors announced this month include Blackberries & Granola, Creamy Jalapeño & Tortilla Strips and Sundried Tomato & Croutons. The Mix-Ins are made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or artificial growth hormones.

mar19-DairyPure mix-ins

Joe Reske, senior director of marketing at DairyPure, said, "At Dean Foods, we saw an opportunity to shift the perception of cottage cheese as old-fashioned and provide exciting options in a category that has long suffered from a lack of innovation. Our new line of Mix-ins does just that.

"Our campaign highlights the nutritional benefits of eating cottage cheese, as well as the convenience and innovative flavors Mix-ins offers, all aimed at helping consumers maintain an active and flavor-filled lifestyle, while mixing up their snacking routines."

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