Christeyns Food Hygiene appointed UK sole distributor of no-rinse disinfectant

By Jim Cornall

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CFH said Huwa.San has proved to be effective in controlling Listeria species in dairy processing plants.
CFH said Huwa.San has proved to be effective in controlling Listeria species in dairy processing plants.

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Chemical specialist company Christeyns Food Hygiene (CFH) has been appointed the sole UK and Ireland distributor for food and beverage industries of unique, leave-in-place disinfectant Huwa.San.

Huwa.San is a disinfectant with a wide range of applications but one that leaves no residue.  It can be used at low concentrations and is odorless, colorless and fully BPR compliant. 

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it does not require rinsing prior to producing organic approved products.  This benefit has a huge implication for dairy product manufacturers making both non-organic and organic approved products where the rinse itself can lead to re-contamination in the form of listeria.  It also cuts down on rinse water usage and time.

Peter Littleton, CFH technical director, said, “Huwa.San is unique in being a true, no-rinse, leave in place disinfectant compliant for use in organic approved manufacturing processes.

“This disinfectant is an extremely efficient bactericide, fungicide and virucide that is free of chlorine and alcohol. It leaves a long-lasting and controlled effect without any odor and as it reverts to water and oxygen only, it is biodegradable.”

What makes Huwa.San different is the patented stabilization method of the hydrogen peroxide.  It uses iconic silver which means it contains none of the impurities normally associated with silver-stabilized hydrogen peroxide.  The product has been verified as compliant with Organic Standards – Food and Drink, (version 18:1) “for use as a disinfectant in organic facilities and does not require a freshwater rinse prior to the production of organic approved foodstuff.”

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Following use by several manufacturing plants in the UK, CFH said Huwa.San has proved to be effective in controlling Listeria​ species in dairy processing plants.

Huwa.San is dosed using a simple pulse-dosing meter either into ballast tanks or directly into water feed lines. As a multi-purpose disinfectant, Huwa.San can be used on surfaces, walls, floors and materials as well as disinfecting internal pipe systems (CiP), storage tanks, bulk transport trucks and provide surface and air disinfection via vaporization.

CFH said this is a major development for the organic food industry; apart from the time and water saved by cutting out the post-disinfectant rinsing stage, there are no additional costs to bear due to potential contamination resolution.  End products benefit from increased freshness and prolonged sell by dates.

Christeyns Food Hygiene is part of the Christeyns UK group of companies whose headquarters are in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

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