July round up of launches in dairy and dairy alternatives

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Pic: Getty Images/jallfree
Pic: Getty Images/jallfree

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It’s that time again, when we highlight just some of the many launches around the world each month.

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Sid’s Farm introducing cow and buffalo curd cups

Sid's Farm, based in Telangana, India, has introduced cow and buffalo curd cups, which the company said are nutritious and economical.

jul new sids

Kishore Indukuri, founder of Sid’s Farm, said the two new curd products has no added preservatives, flavors, and hormones.

The thick buffalo milk curd is available in a cup of 475 grams for Rs.80 ($0.011), while the cow milk curd is Rs.70 ($0.0094).

Both newly-launched curds have 38g of protein, with the buffalo milk curd has 5g fat compared to 4g of fat in the cow milk curd.

Sid's Farm tests every batch of milk looking at several parameters like adulterants, antibiotics, hormones, taste, and smell before taking the milk forward in the production process of dairy products. Currently, the company averages 2,000 tests daily on the milk. 

Sid’s Farm product range includes whole cow milk, whole buffalo milk, skim milk, cow butter, cow ghee, buffalo butter, buffalo ghee, cow curd, buffalo curd and paneer.

Spero Foods debuts Smoked Salmon Sunflower Cream Cheese

In the US, Spero Foods has launched plant-based Smoked Salmon Sunflower Cream Cheese and Sunflower Cheddar Cheese, to its Sunflower Cheese lineup.

jul new smoked salmon

Made from sunflower with probiotics, all the company’s products are nut-free, and allergen-friendly.

The Smoked Salmon Sunflower Cream Cheese made its appearance at Expo West 2021, an event to connect buyers and sellers of natural products.

The product retails at $4.99, and the company said it aims to soon be priced comparable to dairy.

Grated mozzarella added to Galbani range

Lactalis UK & Ireland has announced it is adding a new grated mozzarella to its Galbani portfolio.

jul new Galbani

Available from July 5, Galbani Grated Mozzarella follows insights that found 72% of mozzarella consumers use mozzarella for pizza and 50% for pasta, which are both occasions where grated is the most convenient format.

The 180g packs will be marketed in resealable bags, which are designed to keep them fresher for longer.

Héloïse Le Norcy-Trott, group marketing director for Lactalis UK & Ireland, said, “Grated mozzarella is the second biggest grated type of cheese, but is currently under-represented in the UK market. This means there is a significant opportunity for Galbani, as the market leader, to tap into this trend and encourage consumers to trade up.”

The new product will be listed in Tesco stores in the UK with a manufacturer’s RRP of £1.90.

Müller dips in to kefir

Müller has launched its first kefir product in the UK, Müller Kefir Smoothie.

jul new Muller_Kefir

With the kefir drinks market continuing to grow, the dairy company said it is confident it can appeal to a broader market by focusing on taste and leveraging the familiarity of the Müller brand.

Müller Kefir Smoothie is gut friendly, contains fruit and is low in fat. It will be available in two 312ml variants: Raspberry & Pomegranate and Mango & Orange, the RRP is £1.30 and it is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and SPAR in July, Asda in August, and Morrisons in October.

Michael Inpong, strategy and marketing director at Müller Yogurt & Desserts said, “When we looked closely at the flavoured milks market, we noticed that kefir was healthy, convenient and in growth, but the choice and flavours were limited. It didn’t have broad appeal, and that’s the opportunity.

“As we look to grow our brand into other parts of the category, we believe we have found a sweet spot to unlock interest from consumers who perhaps haven’t tried kefir before.”

Yeo Valley Organic launches 'No Added Sugar' Little Yeos 6 packs and Kefir Fruited 'Love Your Gut' 4 Packs

Yeo Valley Organic is also expanding in kefir in the UK with the launch of its Kefir ‘Love Your Gut’ range in a new fruited 4 pot multipack.

jul new yeo kefir

Yeo Valley Organic Kefir has a combination of 14 different culture strains selected for maximum gut flora diversity.

Justin Stanley-Duke, brand manager for Yeo Valley, said, “We know that consumers are increasingly looking for products that help them take care of their gut health and our Kefir products are absolutely brilliant at meeting this need. Yeo Valley Organic Kefir has gone from strength to strength since launch in September 2018, so we’re very excited to be extending the range into a new 4 pack format.”

Yeo Valley Organic 4x100g packs are available in Strawberry and Mango & Passion Fruit as well as a new flavor – Raspberry Kefir.

Made with organic milk, Yeo Valley Organic Kefir is high in protein as well as low in fat, and the product is available in Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsbury's.      

Yeo Valley Organic has also introduced a new Little Yeos No Added Sugar range in the UK.

In stores from July, the new range is made with fruit purees and sugar only from the milk and fruit.

Made in Blagdon, Somerset on the Yeo Valley Organic family farm, Little Yeos No Added Sugar 6 packs are available in Mango & Vanilla and Blueberry & Banana flavors exclusively at Tesco with a RRP of £1.50 (6 x 42g).

PRESS Barista Oat M*lk

Also in the UK, PRESS has launched Barista Oat M*lk.

jul new press

The product has a 14% oat content. It is available online via subscription to be delivered direct to consumers.

The packaging containing plastic made from sugar cane.

The product retails for £2.50 on the company’s website.

Cascade Glacier launches new line of plant-based ice-cream

Cascade Glacier is making it easier for US foodservice retailers to offer plant-based and allergen-friendly options that will satisfy a variety of ice cream consumers.

Available in both classic chocolate and vanilla, Cascade Glacier Dairy Free has a neutral base without any aftertaste.

“Consumers expect their favorite scoop shops and restaurants to offer options that fit their dietary restrictions or food allergy sensitivities. We believe retailers who can deliver delicious dairy-free, plant-based versions of customers’ favorite ice cream treats will not only expand their audience but will increase customer loyalty,” said SVP of sales & marketing, Joelle Simmons.

Cascade Glacier is one of the only brands to offer dairy-free ice cream in a three-gallon tub, which is tailored for the foodservice industry.

Cascade Glacier products and the new dairy-free ice creams can be found through distributors like US Foods and CHEF’STORE.

Ilchester unveils Vegan Blue and Vegan Melting Mature cheese alternatives

UK cheese brand Ilchester is launching the Ilchester Vegan Blue and the Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature as standalone plant-based cheese alternatives in 200g blocks after they featured in the Ilchester Vegan Festive Selection last Christmas.

The Ilchester Vegan Blue Cheeze features blue spirulina veins to mimic the look of blue cheese and the company said it has the same texture and sharp and salty taste of the dairy version.

jul new ilchester

Lisa Harrison, brand manager for Ilchester, said, "We trialled the Ilchester Blue Vegan Cheeze and the Ilchester Melting Mature Vegan cheeze in our first-ever Ilchester Vegan Festive Selection last Christmas alongside the award-winning Applewood Vegan and Mexicana Vegan, and the cheezeboard proved so popular that the supermarkets that were stocking them put in more orders in the run-up to Christmas.

"We were also overwhelmed by customers asking us if we were going to launch the Ilchester Vegan Blue and the Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature as standalone cheezes this year, which prompted us to look at how viable an option this was, and of course to find a supermarket to list them, so we were thrilled when Tesco wanted to come on board.”

Both the Ilchester Vegan Blue and the Ilchester Melting Mature Cheddar are free from dairy, lactose, soya, gluten, cholesterol and palm oil, and are fortified with vitamin B12 and calcium.

The Ilchester Vegan Blue and the Ilchester Melting Mature Cheddar are available at 319 Tesco stores across the UK and online in 200g formats. Their RRPs will be £3 and £2.30 respectively.

Fooditive Group introduces pea dairy-free drink

Dutch plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive Group has launched a new drink product that will be directly available for sale to consumers in 2021. GoPeasy is a pea-based drink.

jul new gopeasy

“While developing our portfolio, we noticed the growing demand for plant-based products that are both healthy and taste good. We are on a mission to make the world better; we do that by crafting a drink through the combination of understanding the milk formula and using Fooditive’s innovative products,”​ said Moayad Abushokhedim, food scientist and founder of Fooditive.

The protein-rich drink does not contain any added sugar, it is low in fat and free of lactose. It has a natural plain taste, balanced with a rich mouthfeel.

The drink will be available in three flavors: original, lemon-strawberry for a refreshing twist and cherry-chocolate for an indulgent sensation.

GoPeasy is sweetened by Fooditive’s natural sweetener which is made from third grade and side streams of apples and pears. A circular economy model is implemented in its production process as well. The company said the product will come at a competitive price while ensuring high nutritional quality.

Oppo Brothers launches Choc ‘N’ Chill

In the UK, Oppo Brothers has launched a new ice cream flavor, Choc ‘N’ Chill, which is infused with CBD oil, a first in the UK.

The new flavor has been created from a partnership with Love Hemp.

The product is available at the company’s website from £4.50 for a 475ml tub.

Kerrygold debuts spicy Irish cheddar

Kerrygold has released a new offering in the US exclusively at Trader Joe’s – Spicy Irish Cheddar Cheese.

The white cheddar, with a spicy finish, retails at $7.99 nationwide and is a limited-time item at Trader Joe’s throughout July 2021.

Eurogerm USA to introduce European donut product to US market

The name Quarkbällchen may be unfamiliar to an American audience, but that’s changing with a new launch from Eurogerm USA.

jul new eurogerm

Quarkbällchen, which are a popular snack in Germany, are donut balls rolled in granulated sugar, but with a different texture and taste, from the addition of quark. Though the dough is usually formed into balls the shape and size of donut holes, the dough can be used for any shape donuts.

Eurogerm USA has launched its Quarkbällchen Mix for bakeries in the US to make the product.

Rick Gizzi, sales director at Eurogerm USA, described the taste and texture.

"The donut has a crispy style exterior and a soft, almost spongy interior. The flavor is a perfect blend of egg and vanilla, with the tartness of the cheese,"​ Gizzi said.

To help US bakeries who want to start offering the product, Eurogerm USA has formulated a mix that only requires the addition of water and cheese. More traditional bakeries may seek out quark, but it can also be made with cream cheese or other similar substitutes.

"We fully expect to see these appearing all over the US soon,"​ said Ben Kansakar, CEO of Eurogerm USA.

"They taste amazing, everyone loves to eat them, and our mix makes them very easy for bakeries to produce."

Cello launches seasonal cheese flights

Cello, a US handcrafted, specialty cheese brand of Schuman Cheese, has added two products to its portfolio of cheese flights, Cello Breeze and Cello Sunrise.

jul new cello

The Cello Breeze cheese flight couples Cello's English Cheddar with two new offerings, Cello Blueberry Lemon Fontal and Cello Red Wine Soaked Goat Cheese.

The Cello Sunrise cheese flight features Cello's Cheddar Gruyere enhanced with roasted red and black peppers, a 10-month aged Asiago, and the Cello Hand-Rubbed Tuscan Fontal.

"At Cello, we make it our mission to equip cheese lovers with the products and knowledge that will enhance every eating occasion,"​ said Mike Currie, marketing director at Schuman Cheese.

Cello Summer Breeze and Summer Sunrise cheese flights are available at Kroger for $12.99.

Carvel introduces churro-flavored ice cream and churro crunchies

Carvel Ice Cream has launched a limited edition Churro Ice Cream treats and Churro Crunchies.

jul new carvels

In the US, Carvel is introducing its first new Crunchies flavor, Churro Crunchies, along with a full, limited-time lineup of Churro Ice Cream treats.

Now available for a limited time at Carvel shoppes and food delivery platforms, Carvel has introduced Churro Ice Cream within a wide variety of ice cream treats.

In addition to the new Churro Ice Cream, Carvel is introducing a new crunchie flavor - Churro Crunchies. Churro Crunchies are crispy vanilla crunch coated in a sweet vanilla bonnet shell with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a churro. Crunchies are Carvel's blend of chocolate crunch coated with a chocolate bonnet shell.

Carvel's new product line is available in a combination of new products:

Churro Crunchies To-Go - Vanilla crunchies coated with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro

Churro Shake - Churro soft ice cream blended with cinnamon and sugar Churro Crunchies

Churro Sundae Dasher - Churro soft serve with layers of Churro Crunchies and cinnamon and sugar mini-Churro pieces, topped with whipped cream and caramel

Churro Flying Saucers Rolled in Churro Crunchies - Flying Saucer crackers filled with Churro soft ice cream rolled in cinnamon and sugar Churro Crunchies

Churro Soft Serve Ice Cream - Carvel's soft serve blended with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro

Churro Scooped Ice Cream - Carvel's soft ice cream swirled with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro, caramel, and mini-Churro pieces

Happi Free From dips into vegan drinks market

Happi Free From has unveiled a new range of oat drinks that will go on sale in 459 Holland & Barrett stores across the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands from the beginning of August.

jul new Happi

 The new vegan-friendly Happi Oat Drinks will launch with two flavors: Chocolate and Strawberry and promise an all-natural, not-from-concentrate gluten and dairy-free oat drink.

The new drinks will be available in one-liter cartons and the strawberry variant will be the first fruit-flavored oat drink to hit the market.

Gavin Cox, founder of Happi Free From, said, “There’s still a huge gap in the market for high-quality, flavored oat drinks and ours is here to fill it. We will be targeting plant-based milkshake fans with our delicious, all-natural and allergen-friendly Happi Oat Drink and hope to attract vegans, flexitarians and families with this new range.”

Happi Oat Drink is made using gluten free oats milled and processed in the UK, and the cocoa used in the chocolate flavor is slave and child labor free and is the same source as the chocolate used in its oat milk-chocolate bars. There are also no added sugars in the strawberry flavor and no refined sugars in the chocolate variant and both are enriched with vitamins A, B6, B9, B12, C and D.

Happi Oat Drinks will be available at an MRSP of £2.39 from the ambient aisle of Holland & Barrett stores, as well as online.

All Happi packaging is from sustainable sources and is either fully recyclable or compostable.

Mac and cheese. Ice cream?

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is bringing together ice cream and macaroni & cheese.

jul new mac cheese

For the first time, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese launched a limited-edition ice cream in partnership with Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream.

“We know that there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than ice cream. That is why we wanted to combine two of the most iconic comfort foods to create an ice cream with the unforgettable flavor of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese we all grew up with,”​ said Emily Violett, senior associate brand manager for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

“As big fans of Van Leeuwen, we knew they’d be the perfect partner to create this ice cream with us. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s also made with high quality ingredients and contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes just like our Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.”

The Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream is available online while supplies last for $12 per pint. The limited-edition flavor is also available at all Van Leeuwen stores across the country (NYC, LA & Houston) while stocks last.

Raymundo's Food Group launches lassi and flavored yogurt From Desi Natural

Raymundo's Food Group, an ethnic food producer, has announced Desi Natural, a dahi (Indian style yogurt) brand in the US, is expanding its product line to include lassi, yogurt drinks and whole milk flavored dahi.

The products include Grade A milk, fruit, spices and yogurt, and are vegetarian and gelatin, gluten and artificial-preservative free.

Desi Natural Lassi and Yogurt Drinks are available in two flavors: Alphonso Mango and Strawberry (both in 16oz and 50oz).

Desi Natural's yogurt drink line-up is based on traditional flavors and include Masala Chaas, Salted Yogurt Drink, and Mint.

The new products can be found in Asian Indian Grocery stores across the US.

Bubbies launches plant-based offerings

Bubbies Ice Cream, US producer of mochi, has announced the debut of three new non-dairy mochi flavors in 6-pack retail boxes: Vegan Strawberry Mochi, Vegan Chocolate Mochi, and a newly-created flavor, Vegan Mango Mochi.

jul new bubbies

Made with a base of coconut milk and wrapped in mochi dough, the new varieties are now available in select Whole Foods Market and Gelson’s Market locations with additional retailers to follow. This summer, the new line will also come in a variety box at select Costco stores.

According to SPINS, the total plant-based marketplace is growing 29% year-over-year, more than double the 11% growth rate of mainstream products in refrigerated, frozen and grocery departments. Additionally, there is similar high growth in the plant-based frozen novelties segment with a 20% increase, adding more than $170m to the segment, according to a report from SPINS.

“We’ve seen a huge surge in demand from consumers seeking comforting indulgences over the past year, so it’s natural that ice cream would be one of the first foods they turned to,”​ said Katie Cline, vice president of marketing at Bubbies Ice Cream.

“Not only are shoppers looking for ice cream as a comfort food, but also as a unique experience – from texture to flavor discovery and natural ingredients. We want to make our beloved mochi ice cream accessible to as many people as possible, so we’re thrilled to be launching our new Vegan Mochi Ice Cream.”

Bubbies Vegan Mochi Ice Cream, at 80 calories a piece, are certified vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project verified.

Bubbies Vegan Mochi can be purchased online via the brand’s website and select Whole Foods Market and Gelson’s Market locations. The new line retails for $5.99-$6.99 per 6-pack box. Bubbies Vegan Mochi Ice Cream in Strawberry and Chocolate are also available in individually wrapped pieces in the bakery section at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide.

Gay Lea foods Launches IVANHOE NOTHING BUT cheese snacks

Canada’s Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited has launched IVANHOE NOTHING BUT, a crunchy dehydrated, gluten-free cheese snack, intended for the on-the-go snack sector.

jul new ivanhoe

IVANHOE NOTHING BUT is available in three flavors – Cheddar, Smoked Gouda and Monterey Jack with Red Bell and Jalapeno Peppers.

"Our consumers told us that they are looking for convenient, better-for-you snacking options that not only taste great, but allow them to stay fuller longer to help sustain their busy lifestyles,"​ said Monika Giasson, product manager, Gay Lea Foods.

Naturipe launches berry parfaits featuring Chobani

Naturipe, a global producer of berries, is launching Berry Parfaits featuring Chobani yogurt and Naturipe berries.

Each 6-ounce Berry Parfait contains blueberries, Chobani Greek Yogurt, and granola. Berry Parfaits are available in two flavors: Doubleberry Crunch, including blueberries, Chobani's non-fat strawberry Greek yogurt, and granola, or Vanilla Crunch, containing blueberries, Chobani's non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt, and granola. Each Berry Parfait provides 10g protein and fewer than 170 calories.

Berry Parfaits are available now in select US retailers.

Food Union launches cocktail-inspired ice cream

Food Union, the Latvia-headquartered global scale ice cream and dairy producing group, has developed a range of cross-category ice creams inspired by some of the world’s best loved cocktails.

jul new food union

The Piña Colada is the inspiration for EKSELENCE Caramel Piña Colada - a coconut and pineapple ice cream with caramel sauce, while the Orange Spritz has been re-imagined as the EKSELENCE Orange Spritz ice cream coated in thick white chocolate.

Normunds Stanevics, CEO of Food Union Europe, said, “These new ice creams were developed at our Innovation Centre in Riga, Latvia, to perfectly fuse the art of mixology with our ice cream know-how. By putting a modern twist on traditional dairy products enables us to broaden our consumer appeal and give our existing consumers the opportunity to explore new, tantalizing flavors.”

Castle Dairies and Halen Môn team up for new Welsh Butter roll

One of Wales’ largest family-owned dairies, Castle Dairies, has launched a new product partnership with Halen Môn Anglesey natural sea salt.

jul new Castle Dairies Welsh Butter

Made with Welsh cream and Halen Môn sea salt crystals, the new butter is packaged as a premium 200g roll and has launched in 54 Tesco stores throughout Wales.

David Cooknell, head of sales at Castle Dairies, said, “Butter and salt are an obvious match, but this is the first collaboration of its kind for us – Halen Môn's natural sea salt crystals really accentuate the rich, creaminess of our Welsh butter.

“We love the idea of our two great Welsh food brands coming together and it’s fantastic to see our names side-by-side throughout Tesco stores in Wales.”

Alongside the new Castle Dairies Halen Môn roll, the company is also launching its Welsh 500g spreadable butter tub with the same Tesco stores.

Both products will feature in the retailer’s Love Local Tesco event at promotional prices through August.

Vevan expands plant-based portfolio with Marinated Mozza-Bites

Vevan, a division of Schuman Cheese and the maker of the Snax dairy-free cheese alternative, dried fruit and nut snack packs, is adding to its line of plant-based cheese alternatives with Marinated Mozza-Bites.

jul new vevan

New Vevan Marinated Mozza-Bites are bite-size cubes of dairy-free Mozza marinated in an aromatic blend of herbed oil and spices.

"Over the last few years, the demand for vegan options has accelerated and we're proud to expand our dairy-free cheese options to provide more variety to consumers for their entertaining needs,"​ said Keith Schuman, business unit lead for Vevan Foods.

"Marinated Mozza-Bites are the latest example of how we're branching out and continually exploring new ways to be more inclusive of plant-based and flexitarian eaters, without sacrificing on taste and texture."

Offered in two varieties, Marinated Mozza-Bites will come packaged in 8.5-ounce cups. Individual units are expected to retail between $5.99 to $7.49, depending on the retailer.

Vevan Marinated Mozza-Bites Antipasti are dairy-free Mozza cubes marinated with kalamata olives, pepperoncini peppers and Peruvian pearl peppers in an herbed oil blend.

In addition to the Vevan Marinated Mozza-Bites and Vevan Snax introduced earlier this year, Vevan is offered in Ched, Mozza and P'Jack varieties in shred and melts formats at retailers across the US.

N!CK’s debuts new ice cream

US ice cream company N!CK’S has launched its latest product, The Cookie Kräm.

jul new nicks

N!CK’s Cookie Kräm has 240 calories, is keto-friendly (8g net carbs), and has no sugar added.

N!CK’s CEO, Carlos Altschul, said, “N!CK’s is committed to finding creative solutions through science to make the world a healthier place, and this launch is no different. We remain consistent in delivering the experience, taste and quality of a full fat ice cream sandwich, yet with better nutritionals.”

N!CK’s Cookie Kräm will be available for purchase online.

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