New product round-up in dairy and dairy alternatives: April

By Jim Cornall

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Our monthly round-up of some of the new products in the dairy aisles in April.
Our monthly round-up of some of the new products in the dairy aisles in April.

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It’s been another busy month for launches around the world, although this is just a small selection of what’s new.

If you have products to contribute to this monthly round-up, please send them to us here​.

New from Baskin-Robbins

In the US, Baskin-Robbins is introducing its tribute to the Mexican beverage mangonada or chamango.

apr new br

Baskin-Robbins' product includes mango puree with a salty and tart kick of chamoy. A dusting of Tajín Clásico Seasoning – a signature Mexican combination of mild chili peppers, lime and sea salt – tops off the drink with a kick of spice.

The company has been working on the new flavor for more than two years.

Shannon Blakely, vice president of marketing and culinary at Baskin-Robbins, said, "We are excited to share the Mangonada with all of our guests and honor the culture of many of the communities we serve."

Available in three sizes, the new beverage is available at any local Baskin-Robbins shop or through Uber Eats or DoorDash delivery.

Also making its menu debut is Watermelon Swirl Sorbet, the April Flavor of the Month.  It features a raspberry-flavored ribbon swirled into watermelon sorbet, and is a non-dairy flavor.

LALA introduces three artisan quesos

LALA has introduced three types of artisan Mexican cheese -- Queso Fresco, Queso Panela and Queso Oaxaca. The new additions to the LALA brand of fresh dairy products are now available in Fiesta Mart grocery stores and El Rancho Supermercardo stores throughout Texas and international specialty markets in the Chicago area.

“These new artisan queso products bring a fresh and authentic taste to family dishes and meals - connecting to the past while carrying traditions into the future,” ​said Jorge Ramos, CEO of LALA U.S.

“LALA is committed to providing authentic, nourishing and high-quality products. Each queso aligns with that mission and complements our strong store presence in yogurts and sour creams.”

LALA Queso Fresco has 5g of protein per serving, and can be crumbled on tacos, over beans and rice, and enchiladas.

LALA Queso Panela is a smooth cheese with 5g of protein per serving. Also known as basket cheese, it is suitable for frying, grilling or sliced for sandwiches or salads.

LALA Queso Oaxaca is a semi-soft artisan cheese similar to mozzarella. Queso Oaxaca is made into a long rope and wound into a knot following the traditional technique. Suitable for serving sliced, shredded or melted, this cheese provides 7g of protein in each serving.

The products feature bilingual labeling, and shelf-ready secondary packaging.

Chloe’s expands oatmilk offerings with three new frozen options

Chloe’s has launched three new Oatmilk Pop varieties in the US: Brownie Batter, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookies & Cream Oatmilk Pops.

apr new chloes

The pops are dairy-free, plant-based, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free and kosher.

“Oat milk’s popularity continues to surge and with such enthusiastic feedback from our customers, doubling down on our oat milk offerings with delicious, rich new varieties was the obvious choice,”​ said Chloe Epstein, co-founder and president of Chloe’s.

“The better-for-you, plant-based ingredient profiles of our new Oatmilk pops prove that it’s possible to make a decadent frozen treat while still being mindful of ingredients and being environmentally responsible – qualities that are meaningful to us and our customers.”

The Brownie Batter, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookies & Cream Oatmilk Pop varieties are available at select retailers including: Big Y, Fresh Direct, Jewel Osco, King Kullen, Lucky’s and Save Mart with an MSRP of $4.99 to $5.99 as well as online.

Straus Family Creamery reintroduces Organic Barista Milk line for culinary professionals

Straus Family Creamery has reintroduced its Organic Barista Milk product line after limiting production to a narrower assortment during the first 12 months of the pandemic.

apr new straus

Developed in collaboration with baristas, the Straus Organic Barista Milk line includes four fat levels of milk and is designed specifically for chefs and specialty coffee and tea professionals.

Unlike the Straus organic cream-top milk sold in reusable glass bottles at grocery stores, Straus’ Organic Barista Milk is lightly homogenized, which emulsifies the fat within the milk so that the cream no longer separates. Light homogenization ensures consistency in every pour.

Straus Barista Milk is sold exclusively to culinary professionals in California and the bordering states and is available in 64-ounce half-gallon containers.

Today, the company offers 0% Fat-Free, Whole Milk, and Half & Half Barista Milks and its newest addition, Extra Rich Barista Milk (4.2% milk fat) completes the Barista Milk line. The Organic Extra Rich Barista Milk features a higher milk fat content and higher milk solids than whole milk (4.2% as compared to 3.5%).

Flora plant-based bricks launch in Canada

Upfield has introduced Flora Plant-Based Bricks in Canada.

apr new flora

Flora Plant-Based Bricks are a vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO plant-based butter alternative, are made with sustainably-sourced plant oils, and come wrapped in plastic-free, paper packaging.

"Home chefs now have another easy way to add a dairy-free, buttery twist to their favourite dishes and baked goods with Flora Plant-Based Bricks, while doing their part to contribute to a more sustainable planet,"​ said Leesa Steiner, brand lead, Flora, Upfield Canada.

"With more Canadians adding plant-based foods to their grocery baskets for dietary, ethical and environmental reasons, Flora Plant-Based Bricks are a delicious vegan choice for consumers looking to lighten their environmental footprint by choosing foods produced with sustainably-sourced ingredients and through production that has less impact on the environment, without sacrificing great taste."

Flora Plant-Based Bricks are made without artificial flavours or preservatives, from a blend of plant-based oils, including 100% physically sustainable palm and palm kernel oils, and a non-GMO sunflower oil.

Upfield said studies show from plant, to oil, to package, and to spread, the production of plant-based spreads on average has a 70% lower carbon footprint, uses less than half the water and occupies two-thirds less land than the production of dairy butter.

Flora Plant-Based Bricks are made in Canada at Upfield's Rexdale, Ontario, facility, and in the future will be made at the company's new facility in Brantford, Ontario, following its scheduled opening, expected in late 2021.

Flora Plant-Based Bricks are available at natural product retailers throughout Canada, in a 227g brick, in both salted and unsalted varieties, with a suggested retail price of C$5.49. Foodservice professionals may also buy Flora Plant-Based Bricks under the Upfield Professional line of products.  

Ben & Jerry's Omits the Oven with Totally Unbaked

Totally Unbaked, Ben & Jerry's first Limited Batch flavor of 2021, is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla ice cream that prominently features two unbaked components: chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie batter swirls.

apr new ben jerry

"It's a very simple but indulgent flavor,"​ said flavor creator and flavor guru, Natalia Butler.

Ben & Jerry's Limited Batch flavors change every four to six months, allowing the ice cream maker to offer seasonal and rotational offerings throughout the year, like Key Lime Pie or Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Totally Unbaked is appearing on shelves now across the US and will be available into summer.

The flavor is available at retailers nationwide for $4.99-5.49.

My/Mochi Ice Cream launches new oat product

My/Mochi Ice Cream has launched My/Mochi Oat Milk Frozen Dessert in the US.

apr new my mochi

The non-dairy and vegan line of My/Mochi is gluten-free, non GMO and features allergen-friendly ingredients.

My/Mochi Oat Milk Frozen Dessert will be available in Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Neapolitan and Salted Caramel flavors.

"Oat milk continues to grow in popularity, overtaking soy to become one of the most popular plant-based dairy options,” said Craig Berger, CEO of My/Mochi Ice Cream.

"My/Mochi Oat Milk Frozen Dessert reinforces our commitment to revolutionizing the world of snacking with oat milk ranking high on protein and fiber while being allergy-friendly.”

New products from Cascade Glacier

The US foodservice exclusive brand Cascade Glacier is now offering four Big Bar flavors including new Huckleberry Heaven, Chocolate, and Mango Dairy Free.

apr new cascade glacier

Tailored for takeout, these individually-wrapped bars are grab-and-go treats and serve as an additional profit center for existing businesses including scoop shops, restaurants and national parks.

Cascade Glacier Big Bars are the largest premium ice cream bars in the industry boasting 5 fl. oz. of indulgence compared to 3 fl. oz. on average.

New Mango Dairy Free Big Bar is an uncoated dairy free and vegan friendly mango sorbet bar, while Huckleberry Heaven Big Bar is an uncoated huckleberry ice cream with berries swirled throughout.

Also new is the Chocolate Big Bar, an uncoated classic and creamy Dutch chocolate ice cream bar, and Vanilla Big Bar is an uncoated real vanilla ice cream bar.

Cascade Glacier ice cream and Big Bars can be found through distributors like US Foods and CHEF’STORE.

Oppo sees CBD oppo-rtunity

UK ice cream company Oppo is debuting two new flavors, Double Chocolate Brownie and the UK's first CBD ice cream - Choc 'n Chill with CBD.

apr new oppo

The new products join a range of other ice creams, including vegan options: Caramel Cookie Melt; Vanilla Pecan Praline Crunch; Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut; Double Chocolate Brownie; Double Salted Caramel Swirl; Canadian Maple Walnut Crunch; Very AlmondBerry (vegan); Simply the Zest (vegan); Madagascan Vanilla & Roasted Almond Ice Cream Sticks; Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sticks; and Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut Ice Cream Sticks.

Oppo is sold in 12 countries worldwide and is stocked in Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, M&S, Booths, Ocado and others in the UK, as well as being available online for delivery.

RRP is £4.50 for a 475ml tub.

Currency Cake to help fund entrepreneurs

Black Girl Ventures (BGV), and Coolhaus, a women-founded and led ice cream brand, has launched a new pint flavor -- “Currency Cake” – designed to fund the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

All proceeds from the flavor – a carrot cake batter ice cream with cream cheese frosting and candied pecans – will go to supporting business owners’ marketing, IP and design needs. The flavor will be available on, in addition to their store and on-demand delivery channels.

With only 0.27% of Black women receiving venture capital, many founders rely on fundraising through family and friends, grants, and crowdfunding, which tend to cover operations and product development. However, a component to a successful business that many of BGV’s own entrepreneurs want help on is marketing.

"All proceeds from Currency Cake will go toward creating a grant for Black and Brown women business owners for marketing, IP, and design needs,”​ said BGV CEO Shelly Bell.

“At Black Girl Ventures we work to create access to capital, capacity and community, and we are supporting and helping in the building of businesses that will affect generations to come.”

Coolhaus CEO, Natasha Case, said, “When we have big ideas for brands that can change the game, the next step is finding unique ways to communicate the message.

“It's so important that Black and Brown female founders have access to the capital and resources to make that possible. We are excited to see the funds from the grant very strategically support those elements of growing a company... which can often be unaffordable. We can't wait to see the amazing work that comes from funding BGV brands in this specific capacity.”

Currency Cake will be available via ecommerce at Cool.Haus, from the Coolhaus scoop shop in Culver City, and via all on-demand delivery channels (Doordash, UberEats and Postmates). The pint retails for $11.

good2grow introduces ready-to-go, organic kids milk 

There are two new flavors from US company good2grow. The new product (SRP: $3.99) is available in single-serve, 8-ounce bottles in Strawberry and Chocolate flavors, complete with a re-closable top to avoid spills.

apr new good2grow

good2grow Milk is now launching in retail, with initial distribution slated for spring 2021 in select grocery and convenience store retailers, including Hannaford Supermarkets, Casey’s General Stores, Stripes Stores and Circle K Texas. 

The new product is designed to appeal to kids with hundreds of character tops.

While good2grow has long been in the kids’ beverage space, this new product marks the brand’s first foray into the dairy space.

“We know that parents are more selective than ever when it comes to their kids’ beverage consumption, in terms of nutritional attributes, convenience and especially variety,”​ said Gunnar Olson, CEO of good2grow.

JOI Launches Organic Oat Milk Powder

US company JOI has launched the first zero waste plant milk product, JOI’s Organic Oat Milk Powder.

The product is made with one ingredient - organic, gluten free and sustainably sourced oats - and packaged in a compostable pouch.

“Reducing impact on the planet has always been at the heart of JOI’s mission, and the Organic Oat Powder is a major milestone in our goal to provide consumers with dairy alternatives that have as little impact on the environment as possible,”​ said Hector Gutierrez, CEO of JOI.

apr new joi

“As we grow, our core focus remains reducing packaging waste across all of JOI’s products, and to continuously improve our overall sustainability efforts.”

When blended or whisked with water, the Organic Oat Powder becomes a customizable oat milk alternative. Consumers can add as little or as much product as they prefer for their chosen consistency, and can customize with their favorite flavors, sweeteners or spices.

JOI’s Organic Oat Milk Powder also features compostable packaging.  At slightly under 12 ounces, the pouch can make a gallon of oat milk.

New from Yeo Valley Organic

In the UK, Yeo Valley Organic has partnered with The Royal Horticultural Society to launch a limited-edition garden-inspired yogurt. 

apr new yeo rhs

The Yeo Valley Organic RHS Limited Edition British Blackcurrant Yogurt is available in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, RRP £1.70 per 450g pot.

Sarah Mead, head of gardening at Yeo Valley Organic and creator of the Organic Garden said, “The launch of our British Blackcurrant yogurt is a celebration of organic farming, and we can’t wait for people to try it.

“We’re bringing a slice of our Somerset organic garden to the first autumn edition of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this September, and this special hedgerow-inspired limited edition seems a fitting way to kick things off.”

The packaging is 100% recyclable and made from 100% rPET recycled plastic and card.

apr new yeo thick

The company has also launched two new fruity varieties of its fat free, naturally high in protein Super Thick 0% fat range.

Yeo Valley Organic Super Thick 0% fat is strained making it naturally high in protein and contains no artificial sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives. This fat free version comes in organic Blueberry and organic Raspberry & Blackcurrant yogurt flavors in 150g pots. They are available in Waitrose and next month in Sainsbury’s (RRSP £1.10 150g).

La Menorquina ice cream with Chupa Chups

The Spanish ice cream company La Menorquina celebrates its 80th anniversary by launching a collection of ice creams with some of iconic Spanish household brands.

apr new ChupaChups_icecream (1) (002)

One of the popular brands selected is the famous lollipop brand Chupa Chups.

Two ice creams have been created for Chupa Chups; the first is a lollipop bonbon with strawberry ice cream and a white chocolate cover sprinkled with caramel chips. The second is a strawberry and orange sherbet, with a lemon top and cola flavored popping candy. They are already on sale in La Menorquina’s mass distribution and out of home channels throughout the Spanish market.

Marta Ballesteros, Perfetti Van Melle’s licensing area manager and F&B specialist, said, “Teaming up with La Menorquina was a no-brainer, we are proud to be a part of the celebration assortment of this traditional leading Spanish ice cream company. The range brings instant excitement to the ice cream aisle and it’s perfectly aligned with our fun and tasty brand experience. Working with La Menorquina was easy, because both parties were aligned to make sure that the novelty products delivered on quality and experience to delight La Menorquina consumers and Chupa Chups fans.”

La Menorquina has also collaborated with other brands such as Lacasa (Conguitos and Lacasitos), Cacaolat, Gormiti, Haribo and Cuétara (Oceanix) on the ice cream assortment, which are all produced without preservatives or palm oil.

Alex Balaguer, general manager of La Menorquina, said, “Partnering with such relevant brands was a great challenge and we are very satisfied with the result, it brought out our innovative character and commitment to creating the best quality ice cream. Since our beginnings in Alaior (Menorca) in 1940, we have always opted for the elaboration of unique ice creams with the best ingredients, and we are proud to count with these great brands to make our consumers fall in love over and over again with our products.”

General Mills introduces new :ratio PROTEIN

General Mills brand :ratio has launched new :ratio PROTEIN, a high-protein dairy snack. The new :ratio PROTEIN product has the most protein in the yogurt aisle in a single serve cup, with 25g of protein and 3g of sugar, the company said.

apr new ratio

The new snack option is offered in five flavors: strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, coconut, and key lime.

“As a leader in the yogurt and dairy category, General Mills is focused on product innovation to help our consumers meet their varying health and fitness goals,”​ said Doug Martin, president, General Mills dairy operating unit.

“We know consumers are seeking protein and with the introduction of :ratio PROTEIN, we’re providing a delicious solution within a familiar snack that delivers the most protein in the yogurt aisle in a single serve cup.”

:ratio PROTEIN is available at major retailers nationwide. All flavors will be sold in single serve cups with a SRP of $1.69.

Food Union adds more than 120 products for summer

Food Union - the Latvian-headquartered international ice cream and dairy production and distribution group - has invested in the development of 124 unique products across the global markets it serves, including its key markets such as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Belarus and Russia.

apr new food union1

“Our product development team have achieved new sensory heights in 2021 and their dedicated approach is exciting palates and commanding visibility on shelf so that we stay top of mind with consumers and clients,”​ says Normunds Staņēvičs, CEO of Food Union, Europe.

“Each product is developed after a rigorous R&D process that ensures we bring together a fusion of visual interest, flavor delight and nutritional value in a quality product.  Whilst we strive to excite consumers, as leaders in the production of ice-cream and dairy, we also strive to deliver the highest quality based on considered and sustainable sourcing and taking into account new trends in health and cult-following.” 

The 2021 products are grounded in trends that are shaping the industry.

Under the healthy alternatives for a healthier life​ category, the company has developed:

•  Underground Low-calorie ice cream in a range of flavors including lemon cake, blackcurrant and liquorice, available in Denmark

•  Suplette Low-calorie ice cream in a variety of classical flavors; vanilla, cacao and forest berries in 200ml and 500ml tubs, available in Romania

•  Premier Is Vegan ice cream in  six different flavors and tubs, available in Denmark

•  Nu Smoothie, a smoothie on a stick in strawberry, banana and apple flavors, available in Norway

•  Premia Strawberry sorbet on a stick, available in Estonia

•  Premia Raspberry sorbet on a stick, available in Lithuania

•  Jättis Mango sorbet on a stick, available in Belarus

Visually instagrammable products:

•  POLS, doughnut shaped vanilla ice cream in choco glaze with sprinkles, available in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

•  Väike Tom, square-shaped vanilla ice cream in glaze, in Estonia

•  POLS, a hockey puck shaped ice cream in celebration of the upcoming World Ice Hockey Championship, available in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

•  POLS plum ice cream and cranberries and cowberries ice cream in purple and pink wafer cups respectively, available in Latvia

•  FULG DE NEA ice cream wrapped in a black waffle to enhance the visual journey alongside its flavor of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, available in Romania

Flavor fusions for indulgence​:

•  POLS ice cream in chocolate glaze with salty potato chips, available in Latvia and Lithuania

apr new food union2

•  POLS caramel ice cream with popcorn in a caramel glaze, available in Latvia

•  Premier Is, Smooth Is Lemonade ice lolly with strawberry and tutti frutti flavor, available in Denmark

•  Premier Is, Nanoks Knap-Is Vanilla ice cream bar with sugar coated chocolate bits and covered in milk chocolate, available in Denmark

•  Premier Is, Liquorice ice cream with salty liquorice sauce, available in Denmark

•  Väike Tom Tiigrijäätis vanilla flavored ice cream stick  with an orange & raspberry coating, available in Estonia

Mixology concepts bring the bar to the freezer:

•  EKSELENCE Caramel Pina Colada – Coconut and pineapple ice cream with caramel sauce, available in Latvia

•  EKSELENCE Orange Spritz ice cream in white chocolate glazing, available in Latvia

•  DOBBEL Marshmallows and peanut butter ice cream on a stick, available in Norway and Latvia

•  DOBBEL Chocolate ice cream with pieces of brownies, available in Norway

•  EKSELENCE a new range of sorbets paired with creamy ice cream. Available in a range of cones and tubs, with special novelty of 2021 – apricot sorbet mixed with rhubarb ice cream, available in Latvia

Other products include Premier offering a range of ice cream in sticks and tubs categories with 15% more cream than before, available in Denmark, SAKHARNAYA TRUBOCHKA mango and passionfruit ice cream made of yogurt (70%) in a cone with a yoghurt glaze, available in Russia, BALTIJSKOE ice cream range from cream in stick and wafer cup formats, available in Russia, and TIO watermelon & melon ice cream in wafer cup, and wild berry-watermelon ice cream from Latvian cream, available in Latvia.

New from Granarolo

Italian dairy company Granarolo S.p.A. has also launched a variety of new products.

granarolo hay

Latte Fieno Granarolo STG (hay milk), is available with an expanded range that also includes a line of yogurt in white, lemon, coffee, vanilla, strawberry and blueberry flavors in paper-based carton.

Hay milk comes from cows fed exclusively with fresh grass, hay and small quantities of cereals, which gives the whole milk a unique flavor. The production of hay milk is regulated by a specification of the CCPB and is recognized by the European brand TSG, Guaranteed Traditional Specialty.

Earlier in the month, the company also launched Betacasein A2 Granarolo Milk.

A2 Granarolo Betacasein Milk is a high-temperature pasteurized whole milk, 100% Italian, and in a package from vegetable and renewable sources, certified with Zero CO2 ​Emissions from Carbon Trust.

Simply does oat

Simply has debuting Simply Oat in the US, a new line of oat milk alternative products.

apr new simply

Lactose-free, vegan, and gluten-free, Simply Oat comes in three varieties: Simply Oat Original, Simply Oat Vanilla, and Simply Oat Creamy.

The all-new Simply Oat line is beginning to roll out in select markets now in Simply’s signature premium 46oz carafes.

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