Dairy Beverages

Harry Cowan, commercial director & Miguel Ferreira, operations manager. Photo: BV Dairy.

‘Increasing appetite for cultured drinking products that have associated health benefits’

BV Dairy signs contract to bottle 4 million cultured milk drinks a year

By Jenny Eagle

BV Dairy, a UK manufacturer of specialist dairy products has made an historic move into contract packaging after signing a long-term deal to produce bottled kefir cultured milk drinks.

Icelandic Provisions CEO: Skyr could be as big as Greek

Icelandic Provisions CEO: Skyr could be as big as Greek

By Elaine Watson

Could skyr – which is higher in protein and lower in sugar – be as big as Greek yogurt, or is the ‘Icelandic’ segment of the dairy aisle likely to remain a quirky niche? Ten years ago, people were asking the same question about Greek yogurt, says the...

The Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam is aimed at facilitating sustainable practices in the global dairy sector. ©GettyImages/nuiiko

US endorses Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam

By Mary Ellen Shoup

The US has endorsed the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam, a joint effort between the United States National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (US-IDF) and the International Dairy Federation (IDF), aimed at promoting the sustainable development...

Ollivier Chevreteau, sales director, EMEA, Serac at drinktec.

Serac to open an office in Dubai

By Jenny EAGLE

Serac has seen growing success with Combox, its packaging production and filling technology in a single block unit, within dairy for cartons, pouches, cups and bottles.