Processed Cheese

Researchers in Ireland looked at the properties of 3D processed cheese. Pics: ©iStock/scanrail/Alex Serada

Study on 3D cheese printing offers possibilities

By Jim Cornall

A study led by researchers at the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork in Ireland, says 3D printing of processed cheese has implications for customized nutrition.

FDA probe won’t derail Kraft ‘natural cheese’ lawsuit

FDA probe won’t derail Kraft ‘natural cheese’ lawsuit, says judge

By Elaine Watson

While some ‘natural’ lawsuits have been put on ice while the FDA mulls over the meaning of the most contentious word in food marketing, a judge handling one such case against Kraft Foods Group (now Kraft Heinz) says there are not compelling grounds to...

The digital tool was designed to 'provide cheese board inspiration to consumers,' Castello senior brand manager said.

Castello Cheese Board Builder is a 24/7 online cheesemonger

By Mary Ellen Shoup

To further capitalize on the rise of specialty cheese sales Arla Food’s Castello brand has developed a digital Cheese Board Builder to help consumers navigate its expanding premium cheese product portfolio.

Kraft Foods is recalling 1.2m cases of different cottage cheese brands for exceeding safe temperature parameters.

Kraft recalls 1.2m cases of cottage cheese

By Jenni Spinner

Cottage cheese under the Kraft Foods brand umbrella is being voluntarily recalled after ingredients were discovered to be stored outside of safe temperature parameters.