General Mills ventures into keto with :ratio

By Jim Cornall

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The newly-launched product portfolio features yogurt cultured dairy snacks and crunchy bars. Pic: General Mills
The newly-launched product portfolio features yogurt cultured dairy snacks and crunchy bars. Pic: General Mills

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General Mills is launching :ratio – a new keto-friendly product line that marks the food company’s first keto-focused product.

As consumers continue to look for ways to cut back on sugar and carbs through better-for-you alternatives to existing preferences, the ketogenic products category is predicted to grow 5.5% through 2027 (The Insight Partners/Ketogenic Diet Market to 2027).

The newly-launched product portfolio features yogurt cultured dairy snacks and crunchy bars.

The company said the :ratio snacks feature 2g of net carbs and 1g of sugar per serving (bars: 2 Net Carbs= 9g Total Carbs – 3g Fiber – 4g Sugar Alcohol; Dairy snack: 2 Net Carbs= 2g Total Carbs – 0g Fiber – 0g Sugar Alcohol).

“In launching :ratio’s keto friendly products, we want to ensure that convenient, delicious snack options are available for various lifestyles and dietary choices,”​ said Tsubasa Tanaka, director of marketing at General Mills.

“No matter what individual goals are, we hope :ratio’s crunchy bars and dairy snacks can be an enjoyable snack swap that people look forward to and feel good about reaching for while working towards their goals.”

Among the first in the yogurt aisle, :ratio dairy snacks are available in five variants: Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla, Mango and Black Cherry. The crunchy bars are available in Lemon Almond and Toasted Almond.

The :ratio dairy snacks and crunchy bars are currently available at select retail locations across the US or online, for a suggested retail price of $1.49 per cup of dairy snacks and $7.99 per four-count box of crunchy bars.


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