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The trends shaping the sports beverages market

By Nikki Hancocks

Sports beverages are the most popular vehicle for functional ingredients across the globe as an increasingly wide range of consumers look to support their physical and mental health through convenient everyday nutrition.


NPD Trend Tracker: From low-fat cheese to cacao-free chocolate

By Flora Southey

What new products are hitting supermarket shelves across Europe? Alt chocolate maker WNWN is reinventing the classic European candy bar with its new offering: Waim! Low-fat cheese brand Eatlean is expanding its presence in UK retail, and sports nutrition...

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Product round-up: Dairy and vegan cheese

By Teodora Lyubomirova

From robust cheddars and lactose-free cottage cheese to the latest developments in dairy-free and plant-based formulations, DairyReporter rounds up some of the latest products from around the world.

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Will plant-based ice cream hit the sweet spot?

By Natasha Spencer

As ice cream shoppers seek to balance environmental awareness with quality, taste and health and wellness, vegan ice cream varieties are proving popular, with brands, big and small, expanding their ranges for mass appeal.

Els Zeeuwen, Director Branding & Communications at FrieslandCampina Ingredients, discusses how brands can meet rising expectations around environmental sustainability  / Pic: GettyImages-sergeyryzhov

Guest article

Sustainable shopping: Four ways you can help consumers navigate environmental claims

By Els Zeeuwen, Director Branding & Communications at FrieslandCampina Ingredients

Growing demand for environmentally responsible food and drink has been accompanied by increased concern over greenwashed claims and rising confusion over what they actually mean. Els Zeeuwen, Director Branding & Communications at FrieslandCampina...