Flexible Packaging

Ongoing shortages of some raw materials and supply chain disruption are impacting availability and costs.  Pic: Getty Images/o-che

Flexible packaging costs continue to rise

By Jim Cornall

The prices of materials often used for flexible packaging continued to accelerate in the final quarter of 2021, due mainly to the spike in energy costs, which began to increase dramatically after August, according to Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), the...

Prolamina provides packaging for the QSR, bakery and dairy markets

Prolamina Corporation and Ampac Holdings merged

By Joseph James Whitworth

Wellspring Capital Management has officially announced the creation of a flexible packaging company through the merger of Prolamina Corporation and Ampac Holdings.

Amcor Flexibles Manufacturing

ACCC will not oppose Detmold Group deal

Amcor acquisition gets green light

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will not oppose the proposed acquisition by Amcor of Detmold Group’s Australian flexible packaging operation.

Concerns grow over Amcor's proposed takeover of packaging rival

Concerns grow over Amcor's proposed takeover of packaging rival

By Rory Harrington

Amcor’s proposed takeover of Australian packaging company Aperio is motivated primarily by the firm’s desire to eliminate its main rival, could lead to hundreds of job losses and would hit competition in the national market, a leading trade union has...

Plastic packaging takes off

Plastic packaging takes off

Plastic films used in barrier flexible packaging have made
substantial gains against metals, paper, and glass, according to a
recent study by the Kline group. Over the last five years, industry
growth has prevailed in spite of constant...