Dairy Dialog podcast 97: USDEC, Boss Dog and Innodelice

By Jim Cornall

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Dairy Dialog podcast 97: USDEC, Boss Dog and Innodelice
Dairy Dialog podcast 97: USDEC, Boss Dog and Innodelice

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On this week’s podcast - alongside our weekly look at the global dairy markets with Charlie Hyland from StoneX - we chatted with Annie Bienvenue, vice president, technical services, and Kristi Saitama, vice president, ingredient marketing from USDEC; Andrea Montreuil, partner at Innodelice; and Vasili Nassar, founder of Boss Dog.

New product tracking data for dairy permeate unveiled at USDEC webinar for Chinese manufacturers

During a webinar held August 14, 2020 for Chinese food and beverage manufacturers, the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) reported global food and beverage new product introductions containing dairy permeate have climbed sharply over the past decade, consecutively achieving new records in recent years.

A co-product from the manufacturing of whey/milk protein concentrate (WPC/MPC), permeate is a high-lactose, mineral rich, dairy ingredient produced through the removal of protein and other solids from skim milk or whey using physical separation techniques.

According to an analysis of tracking data from the Innova Market Insights' Innova Database, new product introductions containing permeate reached an all-time high of 531 products in 2019. This was up 11% over 2018 and double the number of introductions in 2015.

"The global trends show why permeate is a strategic business opportunity for product formulators looking for functionality and value,"​ said Annie Bienvenue, vice president, global ingredients technical marketing services for USDEC.

"It's aligned with consumer and category trends, leaves room for even more potential and limitless opportunities in China as a market completely new to permeate in food applications, alongside other growth markets for permeate around the world."

The Innova tracking data also showed permeate usage is expanding and diversifying globally, with launch share notably rising in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. The geographic split for 2019 was 50/50 with North America and Western Europe accounting for one-half and the rest of the world the remaining half.

This contrasts with prior years where the majority of launches were in the early adopting regions of North America and Western Europe, specifically 58% in 2018 and 63% in 2015. On a country level, the US continued to lead the way as the top market for new product introductions with permeate, with one in five products launched in the US. Brazil, the UK, France and the Philippines round out the top five markets respectively.

While permeate is used and tracked as an ingredient across many categories, bakery leads with a 28.2% share of new product launches using permeate in 2019, or one in four products launched. Confectionery ranks second at 15.1%, followed by hot drinks at 12.4%, dairy at 12.2% and snacks at 7.7%. These categories have all seen growth from 2014 to 2019.

Dairy foods, such as soft serve ice cream, are also a popular category, with a 19% CAGR during the same period.

"US suppliers have invested in research and development efforts to optimize permeate flavor and functionality in a variety of food and beverage applications and can also provide customers with technical and new product ideation support as delivered through the recent webinar in China,"​ said Kristi Saitama, vice president, global ingredients marketing for USDEC.

"We are excited that the world increasingly sees permeate as an attractive ingredient solution, and look forward to customers' new creations."

The US is the leading global producer of permeate, with an estimated volume of 523,200 metric tons in 2019, a 16% increase from 2014. US permeate production is projected to continue to increase over time, as new facilities come online.

Innodelice introduces new ice-cream business model

Montreal-based Innodelice, formed by Andrea Montreuil and Nicolas Marie, who have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the ice cream industry, is a new concept in collaboration for all companies associated in some way with the global ice cream industry.

Based on the conviction that, over and beyond competition, it is collaboration that will unlock new growth opportunities, the company set out to build a worldwide ecosystem for ice cream and frozen desserts manufacturers.

The network is comprised of manufacturers looking to buy or sell finished innovated products; brand owners looking for co-manufacturers; importers looking for finished products; and solution providers including ingredient manufacturers, packaging, technology, logistics companies and others looking for new customers.

The company’s mission is to help its partners become more competitive in their respective markets.

Innodelice said it helps its customers discover, buy and sell ready-to-go innovative products to complete their portfolio and/or manufacturing/business solutions to improve their efficiencies.

In its first year, the ecosystem, which has more than 85 product groups, has grown to 39 partners in 17 countries around the world.

Boss Dog – dairy products (and more) for pets

Boss Dog is a US-based company that creates products – including dairy products – for pets.

In 2002, Greek Yogurt founder and entrepreneur, Nassar set his sights on changing the way people eat yogurt. He began crafting the very first batches of his Greek yogurt products. Years later, a healthy, happy, and energetic Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, named Kelby, joined his family, leading to the launch of Boss Dog, for pets.

The company’s first product in 2018 was a line of probiotic frozen Greek Style Yogurt treats for dogs. The product also includes more than 3bn probiotic cultures per cup. In addition, they are lactose free, which is important because lactose can be difficult for canine digestive systems.  

One of its most recent products, Boss Dog Brand Raw Goat Milk, continues to expand distribution and the company said it may be one of the easiest ways to ensure pets are receiving appropriate amounts of taurine.

The Raw Goat Milk contains both DHA and taurine, and can be given to pets on their food, as a snack or a treat.

Dogs need a well-balanced diet with proteins and often, the quality of foods or other factors can lead to less than ideal levels of taurine. It helps pets maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. In addition, taurine helps with digestion of fats and heart function.

“As a pet owner, you worry about their health and try to be certain that they are getting the most wholesome foods possible,”​ said founder of Boss Dog Brand Vasili Nassar.

“This consideration is at the heart of all of our product ideation. The addition of Taurine and DHA to Raw Goat Milk made perfect sense and can pave the way for good health for pets.  This is why we do what we do every day, to make sure there are wholesome, beneficial options for pets.”

Boss Dog Raw Goat Milk is gaining distribution in the US as well as Canada and is stocked in the freezer section. The products are certified humane and do not have any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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