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Dairy Dialog podcast 97: USDEC, Boss Dog and Innodelice

Dairy Dialog podcast 97: USDEC, Boss Dog and Innodelice

By Jim Cornall

On this week’s podcast - alongside our weekly look at the global dairy markets with Charlie Hyland from StoneX - we chatted with Annie Bienvenue, vice president, technical services, and Kristi Saitama, vice president, ingredient marketing from USDEC;...

Infant formula manufacturers can anticipate market entry of Conagen’s 2’FL in the next few months.  Pic: Getty Images/kitthanes

Conagen HMOs for next generation infant formulas

By Jim Cornall

US biotechnology company Conagen has established a novel and proprietary process for the scalable production of a non-GMO human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), an important nutritional compound only found in human milk.

Keytone has launched its new Immunity Booster product, as its plant-based range secures distribution nationwide in Australia.

Keytone launches Immunity Booster Powder

By Jim Cornall

Keytone Dairy Corporation Limited has secured national ranging at Coles Supermarkets in Australia for its new Tonik plant range, and has launched an Immunity Booster Powder product under its proprietary brand, KeyDairy.

“We want to find out as many details as we can about milk because it is so important, but so little is known about its chemistry,” Remoroza said. Pic: R. Press/NIST

New research identifies 80 new oligosaccharides

NIST says expanded milk database will help infant formula manufacturers

By Jim Cornall

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US have recently doubled the size of a reference library that includes examples of a certain type of carbohydrate found in milk from humans and several other animals.

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