Edlong is a global leader in both dairy and non-dairy solutions to meet the growing consumer demand for more options.

Edlong showcases dairy-free range at IFT

By Beth Newhart

Illinois-based Edlong showcased a handful of its 250+ dairy-free flavors at the IFT expo last week, highlighting a national trend in consumer demand for vegan options.

VELV-TOP BL PB1 complements the range of LSC Penicillium and Geotrichum products for the production of soft bloomy rind cheeses.

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Lallemand Specialty Cultures adds new blend of strains for cheese

By Jim Cornall

Canadian company Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC) has added a new product for makers of soft bloomy rind cheeses with the launch of the VELV-TOP BL PB1: a blend of strains from the company’s cell bank that includes more than a thousand lactic, surface...