Improving wine quality

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Foss, the Danish based quality assurance equipment provider, has
announced the relaunch of its Winescan sampling and testing system
with an improved quality assurance module.

"When a WineScan instrument incorporates the QA module, it is possible to gain enhanced details of the samples taken whilst ensuring the correctness of the results. The QA module consists of a software package that features a variety of value-adding functionalities, such as detecting whether it is a normal sample as well as correct calibration assurance. In addition, it is fast and cheap to use the software, as there is no need for reference analysis,"​ a company spokesperson said.

The newly designed equipment allows each batch to be controlled according to whether the wine corresponds to the quality approval criteria. Additionally, any adulteration of the wine can be detected.

Incorrect results due to faulty calibration choice are avoided, which means that the operators do not need to know precisely when the wine goes from being 'under fermented' to being 'finished wine'.

After set-up, the company says that it is possible to distinguish between wines produced from differing grape types, as well as find other forms for the deviant samples, such as wine containing a specific additive.

The company claims that due to the new functionalities, human error will be considerably decreased and control procedures more efficient. This means that whenever a mismatch occurs the operator will be instantly notified on the screen, and an action can be taken for correction.

Foss​ provides and supports dedicated analytical solutions which analyse and control the quality and production of agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products to the enhancement of our customers' business.

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