Milk processing unit has hibernation mode

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Tetra Pak is marketing its new Therm Lacta 10 as an energy-saving
pasteurisation unit designed for the automated processing of market
milk, cheese milk, yoghurt milk, cream, ice cream mix and otherlow
acid liquid dairy products.

The machine can be set in hibernation mode, which Tetra Pak says reduces energy consumption by up 85 per cent. The hibernation mode is used when there is a time gap between pre-sterilisation andproduction. In this mode the machine uses less power, steam and water.

Used without the hibernation mode the machine energy consumption is 12 per cent less compared to other previous models of the pasteurisation unit.

The Therm Lacta 10​ is automated to safeguard the production cycle. It uses production recipes and processingparameters to control the stability of the operation. The unit automatically goes the pre-sterilisation, filling, production circulation, intermediate cleaning, emptying and cleaning cycle.

The standard units have fixed capacities between 5,000l/hand 35,000l/h for milk and between 1,000l/h to 10,000l/h for cream.

The Therm Lacta 10's control system provides feed-back information from the last ten production runs on processed milk capacities, processed cream capacities, temperatures, running times, criticalalarms and other data.

The unit is assembled at the Tetra Pak workshop on a stainless steel frame and is tested with water before delivery. It comes complete with all pumps, valves, balance tank, tubular holding cell,hot water unit and control panel with operator interface.

The Therm Lacta 10 can be connected to other Tetra compatible machines including the Alrox Lacta deaeration unit, the Centri separation unit, the Alfast automatic standardisation unit, the Alexhomogeniser and a spiral holding cell for increased holding time.

Tetra's Therm Lacta 10 is manufactured by the company's dairy and beverage subsidiary in Lund, Sweden.

Tetra's Therm Lacta 10

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