Researchers produce non-dairy ice cream using lupin protein

By Nathan Gray

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Fraunhofer researchers have developed the non-dairy ice cream
Fraunhofer researchers have developed the non-dairy ice cream

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A non-dairy ice cream made from purely plant-based ingredients, including lupin proteins, has been developed for the market by a team of German researchers.

For many, a summer without ice cream is unthinkable, but it is a harsh reality that consumers who suffer from milk or lactose-intolerance must go without.

However, the newly developed ‘Lupinesse’ is made purely from plant based ingredients and contains proteins from the seeds of blue lupin. The researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Germany, said that the product is completely free of lactose, gluten, cholesterol and animal proteins and fats.

“This non-dairy ice cream is a first; there has never been a product like this on the market until now. It will certainly meet with wide acceptance,”​ said Hans Georg Maier, Managing Director of German supermarket EDEKA Suedbayern, which has brought the Lupinesse ice cream to market.

Lupin protein

The German research team used high-quality protein from the seeds of the blue sweet lupin to produce the ice cream.

The blue sweet lupin is particularly rich in protein, and has a balanced flavour, which the researchers said is vital to the ice cream. They noted that the secret behind the flavour lies in the selection of the lupin variety, combined with a special production method.

“The high portion of protein is important for the creamy consistency,” ​said Klaus Mueller of Fraunhofer.

Muller added that the cholesterol-regulating effects of the lupin protein make the new ice cream “nutritiously valuable at the same time.”


The researchers at Fraunhofer worked in partnership with Spanish artisan ice-cream company Helados Alacant and EDEKA Suedbayern.

The ice cream is now produced by Helados Alacant, according to recipes devised by Fraunhofer researchers, and is available to consumers in EDEKA outlets.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers a brand new food product in the form of Lupinesse ice cream, providing nutrition-conscious people, people allergic to dairy protein and lactose-intolerant people a safe way to enjoy ice cream,”​ said Maier.

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search for published journal article

Posted by Naishad Ddalal,

Is their any journal article published for this lupin ice cream research??
Could you please advice me ?

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Posted by Laurie Carlson,

Seriously? Blue lupine is a known poisonous plant to livestock, causing death as well as serious birth defects, whether it's the fresh plant or the dried pod. Who is going to test this stuff?? Who would risk eating it???

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Excellent Breakthrough!!!!

Posted by Alabh,

A landmark breakthrough in food product development. It will open wider scope in New food development area and would address bottle necks including supply chain issues.
I am intrested in details of chemistry of this product, if possible pl arrange to provide.

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