Yogurt culture ensures taste and texture throughout shelf life - DSM

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Yogurt culture ensures taste and texture throughout shelf life - DSM
DSM has developed a new yogurt culture - DelvoYog Very Mild - which delays the onset of post acidification, assuring “optimal taste and texture” throughout the shelf life of yogurt products.

Post acidification, which can adversely affect the taste and smell of yogurt, often occurs during processing, storage, transportation, and retail.

Speaking exclusively with DairyReporter.com, the Netherlands-based firm said that as well as sustaining taste and texture, the new culture also delivers the milder, creamier flavours that European and US consumers increasingly demand.

The culture can be used to develop high protein or Greek-style yogurts, which are in high-demand in the US, or plain, natural yogurt products, which are popular among European consumers.

This, according to the company, will allow manufacturers to ensure they are at the “forefront of consumer trends.”

According to DSM cultures global marketing manager Qi Zhang, the ability to delay post acidification will also benefit consumers in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, whose yogurt products are faced with a long transportation process and a more “challenging supply chain.”

Value for money

“Post acidification can occur during the processing, storage and transportation stages of yogurt production, adversely affecting the taste and flavour,” ​Zhang told DairyReporter.com.

“DSM’s DelvoYog very mild yogurt cultures have been developed in order to solve manufacturing challenges in the global yogurt industry and meet regional yogurt preferences.”

Zhang was, however, quick to add that the culture does not extend yogurt shelf life.

“DelvoYog very mild yogurt cultures do not extend the shelf life of yogurt as such,” ​she said. “They delay the onset of post acidification, assuring optimal taste and texture profiles throughout the shelf life. In the past, products may have needed to be recalled, even when still within the shelf life, due to post acidification which gives the yogurt an acidic taste that would be rejected by consumers.”

Ensuring that yogurt products retain their original organoleptic properties can deliver real “value for money” ​benefits to manufacturers, said Zhang.

“What’s more, by limiting the occurrence of post-acidification further along the value chain, yogurt producers can enhance consumer loyalty by providing the products their customers expect at the point of consumption.”

“Convenience is key”

According to Zhang, in the US and European markets “convenience is key.”

“Consumers expect that a yogurt kept at room temperature all day will have the same flavour and texture profile as one taken straight from the fridge. This presents specific challenges for producers looking to maintain optimal quality throughout a product’s shelf-life.”

Zhang added that the culture can also meets the extended transportation needs of the APAC region.

“The needs of the APAC region are slightly different, as the long transportation process from manufacturing to outlets, combined with a challenging supply chain, means that yogurts need to be stored and transported for longer periods of time under ambient temperature.”

“In this situation, the chance of post acidification taking place is much higher, and this would have a significant impact on the taste profile of the end product. The very mild low post acidifying cultures allow the yogurt to retain its mild, creamy flavour for longer,” ​she concluded.

DelvoYog Very Mild, which is the latest addition to the Netherlands-based ingredients giant’s existing DelvoYog cultures range, is available worldwide.

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