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The Soley Biotechnology Institute has launched new products for the dairy industry.
The Soley Biotechnology Institute has launched new products for the dairy industry.

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The Soley Biotechnology Institute in Turkey has created several new products for the dairy industry.

MilkBoost-19, which the institute calls a nanotechnologic spray, is designed to increase the milk production, which the company claims can reach up to 80%.

The product is a natural and herbal spray, made from nanocapsulated extracts of Actaea racemosa L., Cuminum cyminum, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Alchemilla, Ocimum sanctum​, astaxanthin and phycocyanin.

According to the company, it provokes the oxytocin hormone by stimulating nasal nerves (without affecting the main metabolism), which in turn stimulates prolactin for higher milk production.

The product, in 500ml bottles, contains 1,000 doses. It is sprayed to the nostril of the animal, once a day.

Besides increasing milk production, Soley said it also increases the fat content and the quality of the milk, while decreasing the amount of feed required.

Whey powder production

Its second new product is NB249, a nanotechnological emulsion breaker and automatic flocculation (separation) system.

Soley said it developed a whey powder production system as small- and medium-sized cheese factories often discharge liquid whey to sewage because they cannot keep whey fresh in cooled tanks to send to whey powder production facilities.

The company’s system can turn waste whey into whey powder/paste spontaneously, meaning they can keep whey as paste or powder and they directly sell their whey as powder to whey powder buyers like ice cream makers. 

Also, cheese makers can transform waste into additional income. Soley’s system makes liquid whey into solid whey without using heat.

Soley said the only consumable used is NB249, an emulsion breaker.

Cheese starter

The other recent product from the Soley Institute is what it describes as the only nanotechnological starter culture for pasta-filata type cheese.

It said it developed a nanotechnological bacteria-coating technique for easy reactivation in milk with at least 87% activity as live starter bacteria.

The SC-79 bacterial mixture, according to Soley, can activate itself in milk in minutes to make durable cheese.

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