SPX FLOW delivers Food Union plants for dairy products

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The two liquid dairy plants in China were simultaneously designed, engineered and constructed. Pic: SPX FLOW
The two liquid dairy plants in China were simultaneously designed, engineered and constructed. Pic: SPX FLOW
Food Union (FUN), a dairy brand with origins in Europe, is changing the landscape of the dairy market in China with the completion of two new greenfield plants in Dong Ying and Hoh Hot City.

The dairies, which started production in June 2018, offer fresh and long-life European-style products, including yogurts, milks, fresh cheeses and flavored nutritional beverages.

The new plants are in line with the strategy and work defined by the Chinese government to enhance local dairy capability in terms of safety, quality and sustainability.

The two liquid dairy plants were simultaneously designed, engineered and constructed, leveraging SPX FLOW experience and technology. They incorporate breakthrough technologies in dairy processing, including the one-step LeanCreme microparticulation process and Infusion ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilization system.

Efficiency and sustainability were fully considered and planned for during the design stages. Meanwhile, built-in flexibility ensured highly competitive production with the ability to double capacity in the future.

A further part of the project included a multi-year preventative maintenance contract, based on integrated services to keep the plants optimized and running smoothly. This strategic move by FUN also provides it with an additional level of protection for product consistency, consumer experience and, ultimately, its brand reputation, SPX FLOW said.

Complex operation

The company said simultaneously delivering two complete dairies geographically far apart was a complex operation. The interest surrounding the projects has led to SPX FLOW releasing an overview video on how the project was handled, technologies involved and what this means for China’s dairy market.

Jason Westwood, VP, Food & Beverage Asia Pacific at SPX FLOW said, “Few companies have the global capability to deliver projects such as these and it has been delightful working with FUN, which is an innovative and forward-looking company. The success of the project required global collaboration with the transfer of European dairy processing concepts into solutions to meet the needs of the Chinese market."

He added, “It is an exciting time for China’s dairy industry. We are part of helping to set new standards to move the industry forward, which is why we thought a video to share our two-year journey and the story of the project would be of interest.

“The new plants are very much in line with local government policy to enhance dairy capability, efficiency and food safety in China. It will be interesting to see just how much impact FUN has on consumer trends and what developments follow in China.”

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