Kerry eyes reformulation opportunities following Brazil’s sodium and sugar reduction commitments

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© Getty Images / Teamjackson
© Getty Images / Teamjackson
Recent announcements by the Brazilian Health Ministry to significantly reduce salt and sugar levels of industrialized food products creates opportunities for natural aromas and flavors, says ingredients supplier Kerry.

Brazil’s Health Ministry announced a deal on Monday with 68 companies to reduce sugar levels in 1,147 products, according to Xinhua​. Sugar levels would be reduced by 144,000 tons by 2022.

This follows an earlier agreement that has led to a reduction in the sodium content in industrialized foods in of 17,000 tons over four years.

These commitments create opportunities for ingredient companies to assist in reformulation, and Kerry says its TasteSense line is composed of natural aromas that help reduce sugar and salt by up to 40%.

“The modulators developed by Kerry do not compromise the taste and can be applied in beverages, sauces, soups, broths, snacks, dairy products, baked goods, ready meals and food service,” ​said Alexandre Matos, Director of Research & Development for Kerry in Latin America.

The Irish company has been in Brazil for 20 years, and currently operates six factories and one innovation center in the country.

“Our center enables the development of highly technological and innovative processes regarding to flavor. With TasteSense, for example, we have been able to restore our sensory experience and meet the expectations consumers are looking for in food and beverages today,” ​added Matos.

Healthier options

Even prior to the Health Ministry agreement, Brazilians were reportedly trying to avoid sugar, salt and sodium. According to Globaldata research, 62% of Brazilians surveyed were trying to avoid the use of sugar, 50% of artificial  sweeteners, and 59% of salt and sodium.

In addition, 60% of Brazilians are reportedly very concerned about diseases related to high sugar intake, which is more than the global figure of 40%.

“People want healthier meals and have run away from the ingredients they consider villains but without  giving up the taste experience they are accustomed to. By identifying this trend, Kerry offers technology to develop foods and beverages with less sodium and sugar in the composition, but delivering an excellent flavor profile. The trend is that the number of customers seeking this type of solution only grows,” ​said Sergio Tango, president of the Kerry Taste business in Latin America.

Looking around the region, and data from neighboring countries indicates that health concerns are similar: 63% of consumers in Brazil, Argentina and Chile understand salt / sodium as the main cause of negative health impacts.

Top 5 ingredients people are trying to avoid in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile - Source GlobalData, Global Consumer Survey
Top 5 ingredients people are trying to avoid in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile (Source: GlobalData, Global Consumer Survey)


Top 10 ingredients consumers in South America perceive to have a negative impact on health - Source GlobalData, Global Consumer Survey
Top 10 ingredients consumers in South America perceive to have a negative impact on health (Source: GlobalData, Global Consumer Survey)

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