Study makes lower lactose intolerance estimate

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A US study published in Nutrition Today suggests that lactose intolerance may be less prevalent than previously thought.

Using data from a national sample of three ethnic groups the study found that 12 per cent of Americans consider themselves to be lactose intolerant. The percentage rate of self-reported lactose intolerance was 7.72 per cent in European Americans, 10.05 per cent in Hispanic Americans, and 19.5 per cent in African Americans.

National Dairy Council said these new findings indicate that previous estimates of lactose intolerance incidence - based on the incidence of lactose maldigestion - may be wide of the mark. The industry research body said previous studies had found lactose maldigestion, or low lactase activity in the gut, to occur in about 15 per cent of European Americans, 50 per cent of Mexican Americans and 80 per cent of African Americans.

Source: Nutrition Today

2009; 44(5):186-187

“Prevalence of self-reported lactose intolerance in a multi-ethnic sample of adults”

Authors: Nicklas TA, Qu H, Hughes SO.

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