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Why traditional dairy should have a stake in next gen production / Pic: GettyImages olhakozachenko

Will next generation animal-free technology disrupt dairy?

By Katy Askew

From fermented dairy proteins to cellular agriculture and molecular farming, Spanish dairy major Pascual has its finger on the pulse when it comes to innovation in next generation dairy. But why should a traditional dairy processor invest in this space?

Booja Booja plant-based ice cream / Pic: Booja Booja

Will plant-based ice cream hit the sweet spot?

By Natasha Spencer

As ice cream shoppers seek to balance environmental awareness with quality, taste and health and wellness, vegan ice cream varieties are proving popular, with brands, big and small, expanding their ranges for mass appeal.

Delivery and storage are hot areas for innovation in ice cream / Pic: Getty Images We Are

Ice cream sector explores new delivery and storage innovations

By Natasha Spencer

As the globe looks to a post-COVID era and the hold of the global pandemic begins to abate, consumers’ demands for environmental consciousness and convenience remain, bringing new ice cream delivery and storage concepts to the frozen segment.

How will climate change impact UK dairy? Brushtec weighs in / Pic: GettyImages MNStudio

Guest Article

Key ways climate change is affecting UK dairy farming and agriculture

By Barry Crackett, product designer, Brushtec

Climate change and the public’s response to it is affecting almost every aspect of agriculture, but what does it mean for cattle farming? In this guide, Brushtec discusses a few ways global warming may directly impact the dairy industry, as well as a...

© GettyImages/locknloadlabrador

New tools to manage heat stress in cows and rumen acidity

By Jane Byrne

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed a tool to predict the negative impact that heat stress has on milk yield and milk quality for dairy cows, milk yield for dairy sheep and goats and growth for beef cattle.